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    Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL)

    The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) strives to enhance a learning-centred environment at the University of Regina.

    Be sure to check out our upcoming workshops, or feel free to contact us to talk about teaching, learning, and/or technology. We are located on the main campus within the Dr. John Archer Library, (LY 610)

    We recently completed our CTL 2012 Key Priorities document and encourage you to learn more about us and our plans for this year.

    News & Announcements

    • Graduate Citation Program 2015
      • Registration for the Graduate Citation Program is now open. This program is open to all University of Regina graduate students studyig in Regina who are interested in teaching and learning topics in higher education. Running every Tuesday, 2:30-4:00, from February 3 - April 14, topics will include learning theory, teaching philosophy, instructional strategies, evaluation techniques, course design, evaluation and preparation of a teaching dossier. Participants who complete the program receive a note in their transcript and a certificate.
    • Call for Nominations - CTL Teaching Awards
      • The Centre for Teaching and Learning is now accepting nominations for the 2014 - 2015 teaching awards. The deadline for nominations is February 27, 2015. Online submission is preferred. If files are too large for email, please use the U of R File Upload Service. Check out the CTL Teaching Awards page for more information.
    • President's Teaching and Learning Scholars Grants
      • We are pleased to announce the President's Teaching and Learning Scholars Grants for 2015-2016! Grant holders will be presenting on their research at the end of the grant period, and will have summaries of their findings posted to the CTL website. The 2015-2016 grant holders are:
        • Dr. Michael Cappello (Principal Investigator), Faculty of Education, Dr. Claire Carter, Women and Gender Studies, Leo Keiser, UR Pride, and Krista Baliko, Centre for Continuing Education: "Queering Teacher Education: Enhancing Teacher Understanding to Support Gender and Sexually Diverse (GSD) Students"
        • Dr. Kerri Finlay (Principal Investigator), Dr. Josef Buttigieg, Department of Biology, and Myra Zubot-Mitchell, Flexible Learning/Centre for Continuing Education and Faculty of Nursing: "Evaluating the Effectiveness of Online vs. Face-to-face Supplemental Instruction in Introductory Biology Courses"
        • Dr. Tom McIntosh, Department of Politics and International Studies: "Further Development of SPHERU’s History of Health in Saskatchewan Timeline"
        • Dr. Scott Murphy (Principal Investigator), Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Dr. David Gerhard, Department of Computer Science: "Development of a Responsive Online Homework and Quiz System for Large Enrollment Courses"
        • Dr. JingTao Yao (Principal Investigator) and Dr. David Gerhard, Department of Computer Science: "Student Centred Self-Assessment for Computer-based Skilled Development"
      • Congratulations to all recipients! We look forward to your projects.