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Active Learning Techniques

To increase student engagement, active learning techniques can be integrated into the student experience in the classroom. The following list contains links to ideas and techniques that can be leveraged to provide a meaningful and engaging classroom experience.

  1. Active Learning Teachniques The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL), Concordia University maintains this page on active learning techniques.
  2. Center for Educational Innovation at the University of Minnesota maintains this page on active learning. The page also contains samples of active learning activities.
  3. Instructional Design & Development (IDD) at the University of New Hampshire have an extensive list of active learning strategies. This list is categorised using a TASLO legend based on the classroom type and connected to Bloom's Taxonomy.
  4. Duke Learning Innovation at Duke University provides a small list of active learning techniques including a brief description for each one.
  5. Center for Teaching and Learning at Western University provides an extensive list of active learning activity descriptions. In addition, the Center provides a definition of active learning and a series of videos of faculty sharing their experiences on different aspects of active learning. A downloadable document with a list of 288 interactive techniques[PDF] is provided for the interested instructor.
  6. The Harriet W. Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning at Brown University provides a definition and rationale for the use of active learning. There is an extensive list of references provided on this page.