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Alternative Assessments

This page describe the options available for various forms of assessment. These are especially useful when considering more experiential options that are better suited to the demonstration of learning. Most of the resources are links to pages with descriptions of the options while a few are downloadable files.

  1. Western University's Center for Teaching and Learning This page from UWO CTL contains online and alternative assessment options with detailed descriptions on each one.
  2. Alternative Online Assessments The Taylor Institute at the University of Calgary maintains a page with detailed descriptions of alternative assessments along with links to other relevant resources.
  3. Best Practices Alternative Assessments[PDF] This Ryerson University document provides a list of alternative assessments with details for each option.
  4. Alternative Assessment formats for Teaching Online The Office of Teaching and Learning, University of Guelph provides descriptions of alternative assessment formats for teaching online. More comprehensive information and resources are available in the Adapting your Assessments for Remote Teaching and Learning planning guide[PDF].
  5. Alternative to Exams for Remote Teaching The blog page  Teaching@Tufts, Tufts University provides a list of alternatives to exams. There are some links to additional resources including the page Adapting Exams to Teach Remotely.
  6. Alternatives to Traditional Testing The Berkeley Center for Teaching and Learning, UC Berkeley has a list of alternatives to traditional testing with a rationale for each one.
  7. Guide to Assessment Strategies for Remote Teaching[PDF] The Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching and Learning at the University of Saskatchewan provides this guide to help faculty select and use strategies that promote learning in remote courses.
  8. A Guide for Academics - Open Book Exams[PDF] The University of Newcastle, Australia, provides this guide for academics on open book exams.
  9. Curated Resources for Educators The Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE) provides a resource list that includes some related to assessments. This page has extensive links to resources from other sources.
  10. Developing effective Learning outcomes [PDF] The Center for Teaching and Learning at Queen's University provides this helpful resource covering both Bloom's and the SOLO Taxonomy.
  11. York University's Teaching Commons has a series of relevant resources on assessment. They include the following resources provided here in downloadable format:
    1. Guide to Alternative Assessments [PDF] - Each of the 35 alternative assessments highlighted in this document contains a description, the benefits, challenges and solutions, examples, rubrics, and additional resources.
    2. Alternative Assessments for Remote Teaching [PDF] - This guide outlines a variety of alternative assessment strategies that can be used in remote or online teaching. These strategies are organized as low, medium, and high levels of preparation and investment.
    3. Guide to Large Classroom Assessments [PDF] - This guide is designed to help instructors think about assessment strategies in large classrooms. The guide includes examples of techniques, tips, and tricks, as well as examples of rubrics and alternative assessment ideas.
    4. Open Book Exam Toolkit [PDF] - This toolkit will help you consider the steps to creating and implementing open book exams.
    5. Rubrics Handout [PDF] - This short handout can act as a quick guide for using rubrics, including information and examples on different types of rubrics.
    6. Feedback Handout [PDF] - This short handout can act as a quick guide for providing feedback in online courses, including information and examples on different types of feedback.
    7. OER as Alternative Assessment Handout [PDF] - This short handout can act as a quick guide for using Open Educational resources to design alternative assessment.