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President's Teaching and Learning Scholars Program


For information about the application procedure for the 2018 President’s Teaching and Learning Scholars program, please click here. Applications are being accepted until 4:30 pm on Monday 5 November 2018. Please sign up for one of the PTLS application workshops or contact the Centre for Teaching and Learning at

Peter Drucker, the well-known writer, educator and management consultant, once said that “We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change.” As an educator myself, I believe Drucker was completely correct in that assessment. Throughout my career, I have discovered that teaching and learning are dynamic processes – ones that we must constantly reconsider in light of things such as developing pedagogies, advancing technologies, and changing student needs.

I am pleased to have sponsored the President’s Teaching and Learning Scholars Program since 2009.  For the past several years, this initiative begun by the Centre for Teaching and Learning has helped over 50 academic staff members work on projects designed to enhance teaching and learning at our University. Over that time, grant holders have done innovative work in areas ranging from the use and adaptation of new technologies in teaching to studies of the factors affecting student retention and success. Each project has had its own individual focus, and together, they have created new and innovative learning opportunities that have contributed a great deal to the culture of learning at the University of Regina.

Congratulations to the recipients of the President's Teaching and Learning Scholar Awards for 2017-2018: 

Dr. Laurie Clune (Principal Investigator), Faculty of Nursing, Ms. Stephanie Gomersall, Centre for Students Accessibility, and Dr. Elise Matthews, Faculty of Nursing - Academic Accommodations Campus Experiences of Students (AACES) 

Dr. Florence Luthanga (Principal Investigator), Faculty of Nursing, Dr. Sherry Arvidson, Faculty of Nursing, Dr. Vivian Puplampu, Faculty of Nursing, and Mr. Ian MacAusland-Berg, Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Services - Nursing Students’ Experiences of Bullying During Clinical Practice 

Prof. Funke Oba (Principal Investigator), Faculty of Nursing, Dr. Vivian Puplampu, Faculty of Nursing, and Prof. Kara Fletcher, Faculty of Social Work - Equipping Professional Students to Engage with Diversity 

Dr. Kathryn Ricketts (Principal Investigator), Faculty of Education, Dr. Kathleen Irwin, Faculty of Media, Art and Performance, Dr. Randy Johner, Faculty of Social Work, and Dr. Margot Hulrbert, Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy - Giving Voice to Mixed Abilities and Street Youth through the Arts: Finding New Language for Curriculum Design 

Dr. Andrei Volodin (Principal Investigator), Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Dr. Arzu Sardarli, First Nations University of Canada, and Prof. Willie Ermine, First Nations University of Canada - Use of Indigenous Elements in Teaching Introductory Statistics Courses

Congratulations to all of you as you begin your projects, and thank you for your continuing commitment to teaching and learning at our University.


Dr. Vianne Timmons

President and Vice-Chancellor