Process Systems Engineering (PSEng) - Graduate Only

What is Process Systems Engineering?

Process Systems Engineering (PSEng) is a broad category of engineering that deals with the process design for the purpose of converting raw goods to usable end products, including energy. Process engineering looks at the entire process from Point A, which is a raw material, to Point Z, which is the desired end product. It does not necessarily deal with acquiring the raw base material, although knowledge of its acquisition is part of the U of R’s systems approach to teaching and research.

Our Program

PSEng is an innovative graduate program in systems engineering. The program prepares students for a career in the process and energy industries.

Graduate with:

  • Master of Applied Science (Thesis-based)
  • Master's Certificate (M.Cert) Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage
  • Master of Engineering (Project or Co-op)
  • Doctoral (Ph.D.) program