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Animal Care

The President's Committee on Animal Care (PCAC) is responsible for overseeing all animal care and use undertaken by members of the University of Regina, and ensuring compliance with institutional and Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) standards.


All animal care and use must be reviewed and approved by the PCAC prior to commencement.  The Care and Use of Animals policy has been developed to ensure ethical and humane use and responsible care of animals used to conduct research and teaching.  The Care and Use of Animals policy applies to all research and education involving animals:


i)   conducted by University of Regina Faculty, Staff, and Students;

ii)  undertaken under the auspices of or in affiliation with the University of Regina; or

iii) using University of Regina equipment, facilities or resources.

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Animal Care Training Program
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Animal Care Training Program


All personnel involved with the use of animals in research and education must be adequately trained in the principles of laboratory animal science and the ethical issues involved in animal use.  Personnel includes principal investigators, researchers, students, technicians, etc.


In order for an Animal Use Protocol (AUP) to be approved, the Animal Care Training Program must be completed by all individuals listed on the AUP, as required by the CCAC.


This is a UR Courses program created by the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC).  The Animal Care Training program is twelve web-based modules covering the general core topics for all animal users and specific core topics for the Laboratory Animal/Teaching Stream of the Canadian Council on Animal Care Recommended Syllabus.

The UR Courses site requires a login userid and password which can be obtained from Office for Research, Innovation and Partnershp at or 585-4775.

Evidence of Practical Training

Each individual listed on the Animal Use Protocol must complete the Evidence of Practical Training Form and submit it to the Office for Research, Innovation and Partnership.  This form should also indicate any previous training and related practical skills by the animal user.

Useful Links

Canadian Association of Laboratory Animal Science
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Environment Canada - wild birds, banding
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Office for Research, Innovation and Partnership
Office for Research, Innovation and Partnership