For Faculty & Staff


The University of Regina offers a wide range of services to help researchers find funding and research partners, manage research funds, conduct research, and promote research and discoveries. Most of these services are offered by or can be accessed through the Research Office


Under the Director, Sally Gray, Michelle Beitel currently leads the Grants team in the Research Office: Somiraa Said (natural sciences and engineering research), Barb Flynn (social sciences and humanities research) and Lamin Massaquoi (health research). Our team of Research Facilitators actively assist faculty with the development of funding proposals and budgets for research projects and identify Tri-Agency, national and international funding opportunities in alignment with faculty research and strategic priorities.

Divyesh Patel currently leads Research Partnerships in the Research Office, along with Elvira Tabaku (Research Partnership Facilitator) and Supriya (Research Partnership Officer). Our Partnership team identify partnership-based funding opportunities and negotiate research contracts. Ara Steininger, our Research Compliance Officer, currently oversees compliance in the areas of animal care, human ethics, and hazardous materials.


The Research Office would like to thank the Canadian government for financial contributions to research administration costs through the Research Support Fund.