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Confirmation of Pending Graduation (Completion Letters)

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Some students may require a letter of completion or Confirmation of Pending Graduation Letter after finishing the last class of a certificate prior to graduation. Requests for this letter are free, but to be able to share or copy them there is a $10 yearly fee. Letters are requested here but will be accessible through MyCreds

Students who may require a completion letter include:

  • International students who require a completion letter to apply for a post-grad work permit
  • Students who require a completion letter for employment purposes
  • Students whose study permits are expiring within a week or have already expired


The Process

  1. Submit an application for graduation online via UR Self-Service if you have not already done so. Confirmation of Pending Graduation Letters will not be issued for students who have not applied for graduation.
  2. Check your UR Self-Service Account to ensure all of your final grades are there before requesting a completion letter.
  3. Complete and submit the Request Your Confirmation of Pending Graduation form.


Program Completion Date
Graduation Term
Fall - December 31 Spring* (grad app submitted by deadline Jan 31)
Fall - December 31 Fall** of the following year (grad app submitted by deadline July 31)
Winter - April 30 Spring (grad app submitted by deadline Jan 31 before completion term)
Winter - April 30 Fall (grad app submitted by deadline July 31 before completion term)
Spring - June 30 Fall (grad app submitted by deadline July 31)
Spring - June 30 Spring of following year (grad app submitted by deadline Jan 31)
Summer - August 31 Fall (grad app submitted by deadline July 31 before completion term)
Summer - August 31 Spring of the following year (grad app submitted by deadline Jan 31)
Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for letter processing

*Spring Graduation Ceremony occurs in June
**Fall Graduation Ceremony occurs in October

Request Your Confirmation of Pending Graduation Letter


Are you a Science Student registered through the University of Regina main campus?* Yes No

STOP This form and process will only work for students registered in Science through the U of R main campus. Students enrolled in other programs, or through federated colleges (Campion, Luther, FNUniv) must request a Confirmation of Pending Graduation Letter from their home faculty or federated college. 

Have your fees on your U of R account been paid in full?* Yes No

Your account must be paid in full and must have no outstanding fees in order for students to receive a Confirmation of Pending Graduation Letter. Contact Financial Services at 306-585-4123 to pay your student fees.

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