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About UR Guarantee

Officially launched in 2009, the UR Guarantee program is designed to enhance your university experience by empowering you to achieve your educational, career and life goals. Throughout the program, you will have access to the tools necessary for academic success and opportunities to fully engage in university life as well as participate in service and leadership roles. This is the first program of its kind in Canada.

For students who have joined before they have completed 30 credit hours: within six months of graduation, you will obtain career related employment or receive an additional year of university FREE! That's the UR Guarantee.

Our Mission

The UR Guarantee Program is designed to enhance students’ university experience by empowering them to achieve their educational, career, and life goals!

Our Values:

  • We believe that academic excellence creates a strong base for future success. 
  • We believe in raising the bar on career guidance in universities.
  • We believe that student engagement activities add value to your university experience.
  • We believe that each student should be provided with the opportunity to seek guidance from an advisor who specializes in their field of interest.

Our Guarantee to You:

If you complete all elements of the UR Guarantee program and do not secure career-related employment within six months of graduation, you will be eligible to come back for another year of undergraduate classes free of charge. That's the UR Guarantee.

UR Guarantee

The UR Guarantee program is designed for students who have completed under 30 university credit hours. By joining this program, you will receive many benefits and opportunities, including:

  • Personal advising sessions (academic, career, etc.)
  • Academic support
  • Career guidance
  • Student engagement opportunities
  • Personalized resume review with your advisor
  • Personalized mock interview with your advisor 
  • Opportunity for scholarships
  • Many student success workshop options to choose from
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Personal goal setting with an advisor
  • Certificate of completion
  • Ten free undergraduate classes if unable to find a career-related job 

Program Length

The UR Guarantee program is packed full of benefits and will remain an important part of your academic program throughout your undergraduate degree. The program provides opportunities for student engagement activities and progresses towards career development activities that will assist in preparing you for your career after university.

President Timmons
Vianne Timmons, President and Vice-Chancellor and John Smith, Associate Vice-President (Student Affairs) speak to reporters at the September 2009 launch of the UR Guarantee Program.

Students must complete all requirements of the program (and graduate with a minimum 70% PGPA) to remain eligible for the tuition waiver.

After Program Completion

We are confident that our UR Guarantee Students will be in an excellent position for sustainable employment success after completing their academic and UR Guarantee programs.

For students who successfully complete the program, we will ask that you keep a daily networking/job searching log. Participants will also contact the UR Guarantee office at least once a month (until a job is secured) to provide an update on the job search activities and/or after every offer you receive.


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