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Once you are registered in the UR Guarantee program, arrange to meet with your URG program advisor in order to set goals for the academic year. You and your advisor will discuss the activities that will need to be completed. Your advisor will suggest options that will benefit you and your university experience while improving and maintaining your academic and personal hobbies.

In order to progress through the program, students must complete all requirements of the given level within one calendar year (July 31st) before they can register in the subsequent level. Students will actively remain in the UR Guarantee Program until the end of their undergraduate program.


UR Courses will be utilized to capture, report and reflect upon the opportunities you engage in. You will also be in regular contact with your UR Guarantee advisor throughout your degree.

Here are examples of activities under our three Pillars:

Academic Success

This is any activity that encourages you to be a better student and assists with your academic success. Some examples include:

  • Academic workshops
  • Tutoring 
  • Counseling Services

Student Engagement

This is any activity that encourages you to become engaged with your peers, make connections beyond your academic program, and to increase school spirit; essentially broadening your university experience in a positive manner. Some examples include:

  • Club member 
  • UR Fit classes 
  • Attending Rams or Cougar games
  • On-campus career fairs


This is any activity that encourages you to take on a leadership or volunteering role in the community (either on campus or in the community at large). This will assist in building your leadership and interpersonal skills and will help you make connections between what you are learning in class and the world beyond the classroom. Some examples include:

  • Volunteering as an Ambassador
  • Big Sisters/Brothers of Regina
  • Holding an Executive position on a Student Society or Club

Career Development

Besides the activities under our three pillars to help you have a successful university expereince, you will be engaged in activities that are solely towards your career development. Some examples include:

  • Resume reviews
  • Mock interview exercises
  • Networking opportunities
  • Career direction workshops 
  • Reflection Questionaires

These are just some of the options for completing the UR Guarantee Program. The time commitment for completing the program is flexible. Many students use the UR Guarantee Program as a guide to identifying meaningful academic success and personal development activities during their time at University of Regina.

U of R Hub - Online Networking and Mentorship

We are proud to launch the University of Regina Hub, powered by Ten Thousand Coffees, matching students with alumni, staff, and community leaders for career-inspiring coffees.

It's no secret that networking matters. 85% of jobs are filled through networking, and networking is often part of the job itself.

University is where career networking begins, but it can be tricky to start your own and keep at it. That's why we’ve partnered with Ten Thousand Coffees to connect students with seasoned alumni and working professionals

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