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Linguistics is the scientific study of all forms of human language. It is a search for the patterns of sound, word-form, phrase structure, and meaning that underlie the languages we use.

Linguists concern themselves with the structure of language: all forms of human language and the search for the patterns of sound, word-form, phrase structure and meaning that underlie language we use.

Most linguistic courses do not require fluency in another language.

The languages and linguistics program is taught by faculty members in a variety of areas within the University. The Department of Indigenous Languages, Arts and Cultures, First Nations University of Canada (including the three full-time Linguistics faculty) offers a large number of courses; other linguistics courses are offered by the Faculties of Arts and Education.

Sample Courses

  • Morphology
  • Semantics
  • Historical Linguistics
  • Evaluation on Language Learning Processes
  • Survey of American Indian Languages
  • First Language Acquisition

Career Opportunities

Graduates find jobs as speech language pathologists and writers, to name a few.

Quick Facts

Program: Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics
Length: 4 years
Offered Through: University of Regina Campion College First Nations University of Canada Luther College
Faculty: Faculty of Arts
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