Susanne Kuehling

Department Head; Associate Professor
PhD (Australian National University)

Office: CL 306.2
Phone: 306-585-4195

Current classes
Fall 2023 - ANTH 401-001

Research interests

  • Gift exchange
  • Place
  • Personhood
  • Migration
  • Gender
  • Ethics
  • Oceania (Melanesia, Micronesia)

Susanne Kuehling has an interest in matrilineal small-scale societies who have a preference for matrilocal residence. For her field work (1992-1994, 1997, 2004), she has lived on the small islands of Dobu (Papua New Guinea) and Woleai (Micronesia). While her monograph about Dobu island exchange discusses the underlying ethics that motivate sharing and hiding practice, her more recent research focussed on the relations between islanders and their land in Micronesia and included migrant communities in urban settings of Micronesia (Guam and Saipan). Her fields of interest are gender, language, exchange, landscape, qualitative research methods, the history of anthropology, and, of course, the regions of Melanesia and Micronesia and she is teaching a variety of courses, including Anthropology of Gender, Ethnography of New Guinea and Micronesia, Anthropology of Landscape, Qualitative Methods, and the History of Anthropology.