Gediminas Lankauskas

Associate Professor
PhD, University of Toronto

Office: CL 306.4
Phone: 306-585-4181

Current classes
Winter 2020 - ANTH 100-001, ANTH 307-001

Research interests
Religion, Morality, Social Memory, "Modernity", Nationalism, the State, Popular Culture in postsocialist Lithuania, Eastern Europe

During the past decade, Gediminas Lankauskas has carried out ethnographic research in postsocialist Eastern Europe. He is particularly interested in how socio-economic and cultural transformations taking place in this part of the world are shaped by the pursuit of Western-style “modernity” and its associated processes of globalization. One of his current projects is concerned with the emergence of transnational religious faiths in post-Soviet Lithuania. It examines several churches of Pentecostal Evangelists, which have been embraced by some Lithuanians as sources of “modernization” and moral betterment. He is also working on a project which focuses on nostalgic invocations of the recent socialist past in contemporary Eastern Europe via memorial discourse, visual imagery, and consumption. Dr. Lankauskas has taught courses in Introductory Anthropology, Field Research, Ethnographic Writing, and the Ethnography of Postsocialism. His publications have appeared in Ethnos, The Senses and Society, Anthropologie et sociétés, Lithuanian Ethnology, Focaal, among others.