Faculty Listing

Tobias Sperlich

Department Head & Associate Professor
DPhil, University of Oxford

Office: CL 306.5
E-mail: tobias.sperlich@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4773

Research interests
Polynesia (esp. Samoa, New Zealand), Museum Ethnography, Community Museums in Saskatchewn, History of Anthropology, Anthropology of Art, Material Culture, Tourism

Marcia Calkowski

Associate Professor
PhD, University of British Columbia

Office: CL 306.7
E-mail: Marcia.Calkowski@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4770

Research interests
Religion, Ritual, Performance, Tibet, Himalayas, Transnationalism, Medical anthropology

Susanne Kuehling

Associate Professor
PhD, Australian National University

Office: CL 306.2
E-mail: susanne.kuehling@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4195

Current classes
Winter 2020 - ANTH 202-001

Research interests
Gift exchange, Place, Personhood, Migration, Gender, Ethics, Oceania (Melanesia, Micronesia)

Gediminas Lankauskas

Associate Professor
PhD, University of Toronto

Office: CL 306.4
E-mail: gediminas.lankauskas@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4181

Current classes
Winter 2020 - ANTH 100-001, ANTH 307-001

Research interests
Religion, Morality, Social Memory, "Modernity", Nationalism, the State, Popular Culture in postsocialist Lithuania, Eastern Europe

Carlos David LondoƱo Sulkin

PhD, University of St. Andrews

Office: CL 306.3
E-mail: carlos.londono@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-5405

Research interests
The Anthropology of Morality and Ethics, Pragmatism, Relativism, Indigenous Amazonia, Semiotics and Language, Female Genital Surgeries, the Anthropology of Science.

Charisma Thomson

MA, Carleton University

E-mail: charisma.thomson@uregina.ca

Current classes
Winter 2020 - ANTH 100-002, ANTH 242AC-397

Research interests
Ritual, Symbolic Anthropology, Performance, Material Culture, Popular Culture, North America, Medical Anthropology

Chris Kortright

Sessional Lecturer and Adjunct Professor
PhD, University of California, Davis

E-mail: Chris.Kortright@uregina.ca

Current classes
Winter 2020 - ANTH 100-003, ANTH 100-991, ANTH 242AJ-001

Research interests
Research interests: anthropology of science; global capitalism, crop biotechnology; international development; posthumanist anthropology; resource and food security; and the politics of innovation

Cheyanne Desnomie

Sessional Lecturer

E-mail: cheyanne.desnomie@uregina.ca

Research interests

Indigenous identity, oral histories, colonialism and decolonization, social memory, Indigenous ways of knowing and being.

Julie Mushynsky

Sessional Lecturer and Adjunct Professor
PhD Flinders University

E-mail: julie.mushynsky@uregina.ca

Current classes
Winter 2020 - ANTH 100-395, ANTH 100-396, ANTH 100-397

Research interests

Applied anthropology, conflict archaeology, colonialism, Indigenous landscapes and seascapes, community-based research, and heritage studies