What career fields might be open to you?

You will finds Arts graduates in virtually every career field. Some common ones include:

Public Service/Government (also known as Public Administration)
These jobs deal with the planning and delivery of government services. This can include working within a provincial or federal ministry or agency (like Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Education, or Health Canada). This could also include working within a municipality – like working for a city department or with the public library, for example.

Community Development (also known as the Non-profit sector)
These jobs deal with the creation and delivery of programs at community-based organizations (like food banks or women’s shelters) and charitable organizations (like the Canadian Cancer Society or the YMCA). People are often drawn to this job sector for the chance to make a difference. Closely allied are jobs in advocacy fields (like working with affordable housing campaigns or anti-poverty programs) and the social services (helping fields like child and family services and mental health services, for example).

Across all sectors there are many jobs involved in the coordination and carrying out of research – from large scale, government-funded projects based in universities to smaller scale studies (like a community homelessness assessment). Skilled people plan the details of these projects and help raise awareness about their results. Often allied with the research sector is the field of Publishing – careers involved in preparing and distributing books, journals and other informational materials.

Educational Services
Even outside of teaching and research, many jobs exist at educational institutions (like colleges and universities) to support the delivery of education and enhance campus life. This can include administering academic programs and services (like overseeing admissions, coordinating distance learning programs) or directly delivering services to students (curriculum advising, for example).

Business and Industry
Lots of people associate careers in this sector solely with degrees in Business Administration. Yet Arts graduates find many career opportunities in business and industry, in areas like: business/office administration, sales, and business marketing and communications.

Communications and Public Relations
There are communications professionals in every industry, working to distribute information about the organizations and companies they serve. These professionals help raise awareness – through news releases, reports, advertising, and even social media – about company goals, policies and products/services among the general public.

Arts, Culture and Heritage
There are a wide range of careers dealing with the development and promotion of artistic, cultural and heritage programming for people and communities. Often intersecting with Public Service and Community Development sectors, this field is also closely related to the Tourism and Recreation industry.

So what can you do with an Arts degree? What do you want to do? A world of opportunity is open to you through the Faculty of Arts. We will help you combine your passion with the kind of marketable skills that launch careers.

Marcus Macauley            Marcus Macauley, an undergraduate student in the International Studies program, recently completed an internship at the United Nations, with the International Organization for Migration in New York City. Witnessing how the UN functions first-hand was what he calls “one of the best experiences of my life.” Says Marcus, “In many ways it opened my eyes to the type of work available in the international field, and the major opportunities that exist out there for those who truly wish to go places in life.”