Career Resources

There are valuable programs and services at the University of Regina to help you in your career planning, including:

UR Guarantee
The UR Guarantee Program will support you through every step of your university experience to successful employment. You will have an advisor to help you access relevant workshops and student engagement opportunities, assist you with career development activities, and provide you with information on opportunities for service and leadership.

Newly admitted or transfer students (with 30 credit hours or less of post-secondary classes): if you do not secure career-related employment within six months of graduation, you will be eligible to come back for another year of undergraduate classes free of charge (tuition and course fees).

The support of the UR Guarantee program is available to all students. Full details are available at the UR Guarantee Program website.

University of Regina Career Centre
Do you need help choosing a career path that fits? U of R Career Centre counsellors can support you in self-managing your educational and career development. The Career Centre offers weekly career development seminars, on topics such as choosing a career direction, job searching and creating a professional resume. The Career Centre can also help you connect your studies to real-world work experience through co-op and other job opportunities.

Browse the Career Centre website for more details or to set up an appointment with a career advisor.

Thinking about your future does not have to feel overwhelming - there are programs available to support you. Let us help you in your career planning.