Community Research Unit

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The Community Research Unit (CRU) connects community groups and University of Regina faculty and students through
  • research,
  • service-learning,
  • and other collaborative activities.

These partnerships seek answers to community questions to foster positive action and change. The CRU fosters and facilitates community engaged scholarship. 



What is community-based research?

Community-based research is an approach to research that involves participation of community organizations (and/or members they represent) whose lives are affected by the issue being studied. CBR is relationship-based, collaborative research where university and community representatives become partners and work together on the projects. 

The CRU’s mandate is to facilitate connections between the U of R and our communities, and to be responsive to community needs. This means that all of our community-based research (CBR) projects are community-initiated and community-driven: they generally come from the community, not the university. There may be exceptions to this: for example, when a university-originated idea is responsive to a community need and finds support and partnerships with community groups.