So you've got an idea for a collaborative research project - now what? We're here to help you! This section has answers to questions you may have if you're considering working with the Community Engagement and Research Centre.

Who can initiate research projects?

Any community group or organization can talk to us about working on a collaborative community-based research project; you can be a local non-profit, registered charity or an informal group of citizens. Please note that our mandate is non-profit projects that will benefit the community; this means that we do not work with for-profit organizations or individuals.

What types of research projects are eligible?

To be eligible for consideration, a project must meet the following criteria:

  • the project will benefit a significant community of people, or serve the common good in a way that is intended to reach beyond the principals involved
  • the research is non-profit: knowledge outcomes will not be privatized or commercialized
  • the research is compatible with the mission, goals and principles of the CERC
  • the expertise and resources needed are available in the Faculty of Arts or University of Regina
  • the research is acceptable to the University's Research Ethics Board (if it is research involving human participants)

How will we set up the research project?

It all starts when you contact us with your research idea. The Community Director will discuss your idea with you and if it is a good match with our university expertise, she will help you develop a Research Proposal.

This proposal will be reviewed by the Community Engagement and Research Centre's Board of Directors based on our eligibility criteria, the availability of resources and the benefit it brings to both the community and university. Proposals are accepted twice annually, on November 1st and April 1st. If your project has received approval, the Community Director will match the project with interested faculty and student researchers in the Faculty of Arts, or with others at the University of Regina.

All research partners (including your organization) will have a chance to meet to learn more about each other and to discuss research details. Depending on the research project, ethics approval may be sought from the University's Research Ethics Board.

Then the research can begin! As the research progresses, the CERC will offer support and guidance.

How will your project be funded?

The CERC can help you identify and apply for sources of funding for your research project. You can also consider applying for our Research and Action fund.

What happens once the research is done?

Our work is not done just because the research is completed! To meet our goal of mutual learning, the CERC will work with the research partners to make sure that this information is available to the community and university.

Creating a research dissemination plan involves a collaborative effort between research partners to identify the best ways to share knowledge for the project's particular purpose and target audience. 

Do you have an idea for a research project?

If you have an idea for a research project, we encourage you to contact us!