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Summer Institute 2018 on Community Based Research

Day 1

Opening with knowledge keeper Brenda Dubois
Introductory Panel: What is Community-Based Research

Cindy Hanson

Patricia Elliott, Bruce Anderson and Robyn Edwards-Bentz

Leah Levac

Jo-Anne Lee

Evening Lecture by Jim Silver

Day 2

Wanda Wuttunee

Yvonne Hanson and Rachel Engler-Stringer

Isobel Findlay and Colleen Christopher-Cote

Cindy Hanson

Day 3

Community-Based Research Showcase Resources: 

2015 | Click to access to a diversity of presentations on community-based research methodologies, projects, and theory from the 2015 community-based research showcase. 

2014Click to access complete session summaries and presentations from the 2014 community-based research showcase. 

2013 Click to access a film list from the 2013 community-based film showcase, with links for online viewing. 


Additional Resources:

Research Dissemination Toolkit Make your research useful those who need it most. This toolkit guides you in making a dissemination plan to ensure that your research is accessible and understood. 

Regina Survival Guide and Map|Where can Reginans go when they really need help? This guide was created in 2007              and last updated in June, 2015, to provide answers to this question. It is a direct result of interviews with people who were        experiencing homelessness and/or using various community services in Regina. It has been updated four times and over            12,000 copies have been distributed over the last six years. It may be freely copied, uploaded, downloaded, or printed as            needed.

The researcher Marc Spooner will try to update the information each year as part of his regular research and service to the          university and larger community. Feel free to send comments/requests to

Creative Collaborations Symposium SummaryHeld from May 3 to 4, 2011, this collaborative symposium was                    organized by the Community Research Unit, Common Weal Community Arts, Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan,                    Museum Association of Saskatchewan and Wanuskewin Heritage Park. Thirty-one organizations from Saskatchewan and              Alberta came together to learn and share innovative approaches to engagement and collaboration.

Making the Links Symposium Summary |In October 2009, this symposium gathered community groups and U of R                faculty to share their research needs and ideas in order to work collaboratively.