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Arts CARES (Community Action in Regina for Educational Service) is four full days of volunteering and interactive workshops. As part of their university classes, students learn more about important community issues and gain valuable experience working with local community organizations. This intensive community service-learning program is held during the February break for University of Regina students. Find it on Facebook!

February 2016 marked the 8th year of the Arts CARES community service-learning program. Over the course of 4 days (Feb 16-19), we worked with 50 students, 22 community-based organization (CBO) placements, 10 U of R instructors, and 15 workshop facilitators and speakers. Students contributed more than 750 volunteer hours to the CBOs and benefited from the mutual learning, work, and sharing.

Students surveyed had insightful comments about their experiences. One said, “It made me open my eyes about issues that I have thought I am not a part of, but in reality these issues affect me and everyone else.” Another appreciated “Learning about systematic problems and immediate advocacy and how both are important.” Another commented, “I actually plan to become a member of my organization and offer my time as a volunteer as they need me in the future.”

What do students do?

Students provide 15 hours of service to a number of community-based organizations in Regina (each morning and all day Thursday). They are hosted at the same organization all week and can help with the organization's regular programs and services or work on a special project.

After the morning work, all students gather for lunch (provided free of charge) and participate in interactive workshops in the afternoons. These workshops are an opportunity for them to learn from other students, reflect upon their experiences, and explore how what they learned they could be applied to other areas of their lives.

Each day (except for Thursday's full day of volunteering) is structured in a similar fashion:

9:00-12:00 pm
Students work with local community organizations.

12:00-12:45 pm
Lunch is provided.

12:45-2:30 pm
Presentations and interactive reflective activities.

Who can participate?

Any Faculty of Arts undergraduate students and any University of Regina students registered in a participating Arts class are eligible to participate.

The following courses participated in Arts CARES 2016:

  • English 100 (Prison Writing) - Jason Demers
  • Interdisciplinary Studies 101 (Contemporary Issues) - Mary Vetter
  • International Studies 100 (Introduction to International Studies) - Simon Granovsky-Larson
  • International Studies 301/Political Science 342 (Global Governance: International Organizations) - Nilgun Onder
  • Justice Studies 240 (Criminal Justice System) - Sarah Britto
  • Justice Studies 310 (Food, Hunger and Social Justice) - Gloria DeSantis
  • Justice Studies 311 (Work, Economic Security and Justice) - Michelle Stewart
  • Justice Studies 384 (Advocacy Strategies and Skills) - Michelle Stewart
  • Political Science 100 (People, Power and Politics) - Jim Farney
  • Political Science 230 (Canadian Politics) - Tom McIntosh
  • Women's and Gender Studies 280 (Feminisms and Activism) - Brenda Anderson

Where will students go?

Participants volunteered with the following organizations in Arts CARES 2016:

Amnesty International Planned Parenthood
Briarpatch Magazine REACH (Regina Education & Action on Child Hunger)
Carmichael Outreach Regina Garden Associates
Cosmopolitan Learning Centre Regina Open Door Society - English as an Additional Language Class
Development and Peace Salvation Army
Lifelong Learning Centre Saskatchewan Federation of Labour
Museums Association of Saskatchewan Saskatchewan Trails Association
Nature Regina SEARCH - Student Energy in Action for Regina Community Health
Nature Saskatchewan Saskatchewan Organization for Heritage Languages
North Central Community Association Street Culture Kidz

Is there a cost to participate?

No! This program is offered free to students and includes lunch Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday.

Why should students participate?

There are numerous benefits for students participating in Arts CARES.

  • This is a chance to apply your experiences in the community to the classroom: to connect theory and practice.
  • You'll get to meet other students from different disciplines and make good connections with people in the community.
  • You'll have a chance to learn more about community organizations, the issues faced by the community and some innovative ways the university and community are working to address them.
  • You'll have a chance to provide important volunteer work, which could lead to future volunteering or career opportunities in the community. These hours can also count toward your UR Guarantee service requirements.
  • All students will receive a certificate of participation from the Dean of Arts.

Contact or 306-585-5065.


    Nature Saskatchewan

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