Information for Students

What is an Arts Internship?

  • Internships are part-time, unpaid placements for students in the Faculty of Arts
  • Students pay regular tuition fees and receive 3-credit hours they can use for their degree
  • Interns work up to eight hours per week on designated projects for 13 weeks.

Why participate in an Arts internship?

  • An internship can help you clarify your long term career goals.
    It can help you identify what you want (and perhaps what you don't!) in a future workplace; an internship can help you determine whether or not a particular career is a good fit for you.

  • An internship can help you develop practical skills to add to your resume.
    You will receive hands-on training and develop professional and practical skills in the workplace - which can greatly contribute to your employability.

  • An internship can help you develop your professional network.
    Your Internship experience will help you build important contacts in the community, and develop and expand your networks with peers and professionals.

  • An internship can help you reflect on, and articulate your skills and experiences.
    Your Internship experience can help you make meaningful connections between your personal and academic strengths and your professional goals - you'll be better able to identify  skills and strengths and how they can contribute to future workplaces. 

How do I complete an Arts Internship?

  • Together with the community organization you are placed with and the CERC Community Director, you will develop a work plan for your internship.

  • If you are successfully matched, you will be enrolled in AWEI 300AA - Arts Work Exp. Internship. This is a pass/fail course. Throughout the semester your community partner will provide you with feedback, just as they would with any employee working for them. At the end of the semester the employer will evaluate your placement and and will notify the CERC Community Director that your progress warrants the University of Regina awarding you 3-credit hours toward your degree.

Who is eligible?
  • Interns must be able to commit up to eight hours per week during a 13-week semester, working for a community organization in the City of Regina;
  • Must have a declared major in a Faculty of Arts program;
  • Must have completed 54 - 90 credit hours (negotiable) at the end of the semester in which you are applying, which MUST include at least 12 credit hours in your major;
  • Must have a satisfactory academic standing, with a program GPA of at least 70%

How do I apply?
  • Send an email with your resume, a statement explaining why you are interested in completing an Internship, and a copy of your unofficial transcript.
  • We will follow up with you to arrange an interview to determine your suitability for the program and discuss your options.

Questions about the Arts Work Experience Internship? For more information contact:

Cassi Tremblay, Program Coordinator

VIDEO: Learn more about the Arts Internship