Community Based Research Webinar Series

This webinar series offers best practice guidelines for conducting community-based research, creating effective knowledge mobilization strategies and outputs and building strong, equitable partnership with community. Check out the infographics created for these sessions and the links provided to toolkits and further resources.

Part 1. Community Based Research

Part 2. Knowledge Mobilization

Part 3. Building Successful Partnerships



Community Based Research
February 10, 2021
12:00 - 1:00 pm (Saskatchewan time)

This webinar is designed for not-for-profit or public sector groups wishing to partner with researchers at a university, or organizations with previous partnerships that hope to have more impactful outcomes from future collaborations with post-secondary education partners. The goal of the session is to provide a better understanding of the benefits of partnering with universities and how to create research relationships that lead to impactful outcomes.

Video - What is Community Based Research

Presentation Slides

Beginners Guide to Community-based Research

Partner Guide to Research Involvement



Knowledge Mobilization
February 17, 2021
12:00 - 1:00 pm (Saskatchewan time)

This webinar is targeted to faculty, instructors, staff and students currently or hoping to do community-based research. A presentation introducing the basics of Knowledge Mobilization (KM) followed by a panel of senior academics, with successful research careers, will share their strategies for effective KM and speak to how to make non-traditional outputs and efforts “count” when it comes time for tenure and promotion. Together with their community partners, we will provide the audience with ideas about how to make KM plans more than a section on a grant application.

Video - What is Knowledge Mobilization?

Presentation Slides

Knowledge Mobilization Infographic

Knowledge Mobilization Framework



Building Successful Partnerships
February 24, 2021
12:00 - 1:00 pm (Saskatchewan time)

This webinar will bring the target audiences from the first two webinars together and focus on the key steps to building successful research partnerships. University researchers and their community partners will share their experience – what worked, what they had to learn to make things more successful, tips for others looking to do community involved research.

Video - Building Successful Partnerships