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Social Media for Nonprofits
March 22, 2023

Social media success can seem like a pipe dream to many small-to-medium sized nonprofits. Without the money to hire an outside agency or even have a part-time person dedicated to this work, how can you even hope to keep up with all the changing platforms and use social media to your organization’s advantage, let along use it as a community building tool?  In this fast-paced Toolkit Workshop you will learn a few tips and tricks for developing a strategy with your social media efforts. You’ll learn about building a marketing tech stack and how to make sense of analytics so that you can measure the results of your efforts. Whether you are totally new to the social media landscape or you feel your skills are a little more advanced, you’ll leave this session with new ideas for ways to connect with your members, donors and clients.

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The Generational Divide (with Shari Hildred)
January 11, 2023

For the first time in history there are four distinct generations in the workforce, each with its own characteristics, dynamics and tendencies. Leading people from all four generations can be a challenge but if we understand what makes other generations tick, we can avoid division and conflict. The facilitator identified ways to encourage productive and inclusive intergenerational collaboration at work; provide recommendations around workplace practices, processes, and norms that are inclusive of various dimensions of diversity including age, race, gender, sexuality, and class.

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Myths and Misconceptions of Employment: Panel discussion with people with lived experiences with disabilities
Dec. 7, 2022

Representatives with lived experience with a variety of disabilities came together to share their personal experiences of stigma, discrimination and misconceptions in the workplace. Through the moderated discussion, people viewing the recording will learn about what employers' responsibilities are to accommodate disabilities in their workplaces. They will leave with ideas for policies and practices they can implement to make the culture in their organizations more welcoming and open to people who often face obstacles or barriers to employment that can usually be quite easily accommodated.

The panel was moderated by Robin East (Chair of the Board for Barrier Free Saskatchewan and Community Engagement and Research Centre board member). He was joined by Chelsea Wisser, Eileen Lennie-Koshman and Brenda Edel.


Navigating Allyship: Showing Up as an Effective Ally
Nov. 23, 2022

In today's world, it's not enough to be a bystander - we have to be proactive, taking part in learning opportunities and many uncomfortable conversations that can help us on our journey to navigating effective allyship. In this session, individuals from a wide array of diverse backgrounds shared their insights and stories to open up a dialogue on how to find our voice, amplify others, and act as allies in workplaces and in the community.

Panelists were Sharon Kambale, Chasity Delorme, and Dr. Fritz Pino. The session was moderated by Aria Ramdeo.

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Identifying and Addressing Microaggressions  With Ricardo Arisnabarretta-Montejo
October 27, 2022
Microaggressions are everyday verbal and nonverbal slights, snubs, or insults (either intentional
or unintentional), that communicate negative or hostile attitudes towards any individual but that
disproportionally affect culturally marginalized and racialized groups. From a language
perspective, this workshop looked at what micro-aggressions are and how they manifest. This
workshop also presented ideas on how we can respond to them as a recipient, as
someone who has committed a microaggression, and as a witness to one.

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Navigating your career!
Sept. 28, 2022

This workshop featured an interactive panel discussion and Q & A with community leaders who have spent most of their lives serving the public, delivering community programs, and advocating for change. Panelists shared wisdom they sometimes learned the hard way, reflecting on the following prompt:

“What I know now that I wish I knew earlier in my career.”

The session was moderated by Donna Ziegler, Executive Director of the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation.  Panelists were: Pam Bellanger with Eagle Heart Centre (also known as Aboriginal Family Services); Bonnie Morton, who continues to volunteer for the Regina Anti-Poverty Ministry after a lifetime advocating for people experiencing poverty and Steve McLellan recently retired from the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce.


Effective Recruitment & Retention: Attracting (and keeping!) Staff & Volunteer Talent
Wednesday, June 1, 2022

An important part of nonprofit management lies within effective organizational recruitment and retention for both staff and volunteers (including board members). This workshop explores key aspects of human resource and volunteer management including concepts related to attracting and retaining resources that a nonprofit requires. The concepts examine how nonprofits can maximize the retention of the organizations’ most valued asset – our
employees and our volunteers.

Facilitator: Shari Hildred is the owner of Valmore Consulting and focuses her work in the non-profit sector. She is a facilitator, professional and leadership trainer and instructor with the University of Regina and she provides management services to a number of non-profit clients in Regina, across Saskatchewan and across Canada. Shari draws on expertise gained from over 25 years of in the private, public and non-profit sectors, which include working with countless non-profits in the arts, cultural, heritage, social inclusion, humanitarian, health and sports sectors. Shari works with non-profits that range in size from large corporate entities to small, local grass roots organizations. Regardless of size, Shari is committed to assisting organizations in developing best practices and processes to run effective and efficient operations and to deliver programs and services that support community.

- is a designated Project Management Professional (PMP),
- studied Cultural Resource Management at the University of Victoria,
- completed Art of the Executive Leader training at Banff Centre for the Arts,
- and, studied public policy at the UofR Jonhson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy

Some of her most notable achievements include:
- recipient of City of Regina Municipal Heritage Award in the Category of Education recipient of Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan Heritage Excellence Award

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Fundamentals of Finance: Best Practices for Grassroots Groups
Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Regardless of organizational size, financial literacy is a critical component of running nonprofits in a responsible and accountable manner. This workshop will cover key areas of accountability including financial policies/controls and best practices to use when building an annual operating budget. Attendees will examine basic accounting concepts including how to read, interpret and understand financial reports that are required to adequately and effectively carry out their financial responsibilities and satisfy legal requirements.  

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Nonprofit Governance : 101 for Grassroots Organizations…and More!
Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Depending on your governance model and the needs of your organization, there are best practices that apply to every nonprofit and can improve your efficacy. Well-run and high-functioning boards contribute to the success, stability and sustainability of the organizations they govern. This workshop focuses on enhancing the effectiveness of your board of directors by building governance literacy and organizational stewardship understanding. Best practices in conducting board and business meetings is also examined to support more efficient use of board and staff time (imagine no more meetings that run over schedule)!

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Communications and Marketing Skills for the Non Profit Sector (Spring 2022 Workshop Series)

Part 1: Social Media - Tips and Tricks to Grow Your Social Following


Everyone and their dog are on social media. We’re serious, some dogs have bigger social followings than we do! How do you stand out amongst the crowd? In 2022, it’s no longer enough to be on social media, you have to do it well. In this session, Harvard Media will walk you through tips on how to build your social presence, diversify your content, and reach new audiences. Also, boosting posts - we’ll talk about that too. We’ll discuss knowing when and how to effectively spend your dollars on social media to help increase your reach.

Dani Anderson, Director of Accounts at Harvard Media, has been in her role since 2016, prior to Harvard Media’s inception (it’s a long story). Dani’s passion for coaching dance/cheer has transcended into digital marketing, guided by her knowledge and experience with choreographing effective marketing strategies. Knowing the ins and outs of the industry drives Dani’s continuous need for knowledge in all of the markets that Harvard Media serves. She looks at the big picture for digital advertising success, knowing that there is a digital solution for anyone and everyone. With a goal of growing and building relationships while delivering digital success, Dani is happy to discuss digital marketing with anyone who will listen, all while smiling and celebrating the wins along the way. Before her time with Harvard Media, Dani spent time in the non-profit sector, allowing her to build and develop strategic marketing objectives for clients small or large, regardless of their budget. Can you tell she’s one of digital marketing’s biggest cheerleaders?


Part 2: Community Mobilization and Advocacy in an Online Environment: Speak Loudly and Carry a Big Stick - How to effectively mobilize in Saskatchewan

This session will focus on how to use your time, energy and money to mobilize Saskatchewan into effective action on causes that are viewed as controversial. This presentation will cover dealing with internal politics, detractors, gatekeepers, politicians, community members, media and everything in between. How to distance your cause from the background noise and positively affect policy.


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Jason Mercredi is the Executive Director of Prairie Harm Reduction (PHR) and has been with the organization since 2013. He is a co-founder of Canada's National HIV Testing Day, opened Saskatchewan's first safe consumption site, successfully advocated for Saskatchewan's deregulation of and expansion of the provincial take home naloxone program, wrote the policy for drug pipes to be introduced into Saskatchewan needle exchanges and recently opened PHR's Oski Kisikow apartments and Youth Home. He is a member of the Chipewyan Prairie First Nation and is of Dene, Metis and Scottish ancestry. He was born and raised in Treaty 6 and the Traditional Homeland of the Metis.


Part 3: How to Harness the Power of Google for Your Community Organization

Tune in for a quick glance behind the curtain on the world's largest search engine, Google. Using the power of Google, you can: sell tickets for performances, events, and webinars; promote donation and sponsorship opportunities to generate funds; recruit volunteers to advance your organization’s mission; Advocate and enabling grassroots support; drive in-person actions such as adopting animals or community-drives; inform and educate the public by attracting new website visitors; and build an audience by attracting new subscribers.


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Known as the #GoogleGirl, Barb McGrath founded the Get Found Digital Marketing program, and Saskatchewan’s first approved Google agency, Above the Fold Digital Marketing. After more than 20 years working with local businesses, Barb knows what it takes for local businesses to succeed. Barb has worked with some of western Canada’s most well known brands including Conexus Credit Union, Factory Optical and Saskatchewan Polytechnic. Tune in for her bi-weekly radio show called the Secret Life of Entrepreneurs syndicated across iTunes and Google Podcasts. Barb is an Accredited Business Communicator and holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Regina. To learn more about Barb, visit her LinkedIn profile.



Human Resource Fundamentals for the Non Profit Sector

These sessions were designed for people who do not have formal training or deep experience in human resource management.
Workshop Facilitator: Milly Sywanyk, Senior HR Business Partner with the Saskatchewan Public Service Commission

Part 1: Managing a Workforce During a Pandemic (October 27, 2021)


In this interactive session, participants had the opportunity to learn about employer rights and the legal framework for addressing employee concerns during a pandemic, how to create a safe work environment, managing employee requests (remote work, attendance, medical accommodations, etc). This session also provided opportunities for participants to engage in discussions about managing performance during these uncertain times.

 Slide deck: Managing a Workforce During a Pandemic
Managing a Workforce During a Pandemic Resource Guide


Part 2: Recruitment and Retention Foundations for Non Profit Organizations (November 17, 2021)


This session focused on the basics and best practices of hiring and retaining employees. Tools and resources were provided to participants that will assist in managing the recruitment life cycle, as well as retention strategies. Participants engaged in conversations and had an opportunity to discuss challenges and learn from others.

Slide Deck: Recruitment and Retention Foundations for Non-Profits
Recruitment and Retention Resources


Part 3: Performance Management and Employee and Labour Relations Fundamentals for Non Profit Organizations (December 8, 2021)


This session provides foundational knowledge about how to manage employee performance in a non-unionized environment. Key strategies are provided on how to develop, maintain and improve employee performance through the employee life cycle. A Q&A session provided participants with the opportunity to ask specific questions.

Slide Deck: Performance Management Fundamentals for Non-Profit Organizations


About the Facilitator: Milly Sywanyk is an HR professional with over 16 years of experience in a variety of HR roles. Currently, Milly is a Senior HR Business Partner with the Government of Saskatchewan, Public Service Commission where she leads a team of HR professionals and is responsible for providing senior strategic and functional human resource consulting to Ministry leadership while serving as a trusted advisor and coach on a wide range of HR management services and programs. Over her years of experience, she has touched on almost all areas of the human resources field but in particular has focused on: talent acquisition, succession planning, organizational design, change management, employee engagement and organizational culture, labour relations and union-management relations, performance management, learning and development, leadership development, and diversity, equity and inclusion. Milly’s career has been mostly with the public service (Alberta and Saskatchewan), post-secondary educational institutions and non-profit sector. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education Administration from the Universidad Catolica Andres Bello in Caracas, Venezuela, and a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Development from the University of Regina.


 Taking the Fear out of Non Profit Finance and Risk Management

Part 1: Financial Statements and Accounting

This is the first session in a three-part series designed for people who do not have formal training or deep experience in accounting or financial management. Join us to learn the basics in accounting and financial statements as they are used in the nonprofit sector. The session will offer presentation options and ideas for how to deliver information to Boards of Directors.

Presented by Dave Roszell, CAA Saskatchewan (Tuesday, March 30, 2021)

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Part 2: Budgets and Budget Development

This is the second session in a three-part series designed for people who do not have formal training or deep experience in accounting or financial management. Join us to learn how to put together a budget and how they feed the financial statements.

Presented by Dave Roszell, CAA Saskatchewan (Tuesday, April 13, 2021)

 Session handout File
Budget Template


Part 3: Risk and Risk Management

This is the third session in a three-part series designed for people who do not have formal training or deep experience in accounting or financial management. This session will identify the things that nonprofit managers lose sleep over and what we can do to manage those risks.

Presented by Dave Roszell, CAA Saskatchewan (Tuesday, April 27, 2021)

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 Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Series


Session 1 (November 17th, 2020) Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity Essentials: Where do we start? An Exploration of Key Concepts, Principles, and First Steps.

This workshop series seeks to provide participants with tools and guiding principles that may assist their board recruit and retain diverse directions. Participants will learn how to develop a recruitment tool that suits their organizations needs, and explores the key drivers that will enable poitive outcomes.

Presented by Pauline Streete and Taiwo Afolabi

Session 2 (December 9th, 2020) Diving Deeper: Intergrating equity, diversity, and inclusion into board/organizational policies.

Presented by Pauline Streete

Session 3 (January 28th, 2021) Tools and Guiding Principles for Board Diversity and Inclusivity

This is the third workshop based on questions raised by participants who attended the last workshop on December 9th, 2020. Human Resource Development and Diversity expert Pauline Streete will return with more practical advice and strategies to help make your organizations stronger by engaging in meaningful action to develop a culture and practice that embraces equity, diversity, and inclusion.

 Presented by Pauline Streete


Fundraising 101: Taking Your Fundraising Online

This webinar took place Wednesday 26 August - watch now!

Fundraising takes round-the-clock effort in the not-for-profit world at any given time! But with social distancing measures in place and everything moving online, your fundraising efforts might be facing entirely new and seemingly insurmountable challenges. In this seminar you will hear from a panel of fundraising experts and tech-driven creatives that have been pushing the envelope of virtual fundraising. They will share lessons learned, discuss new and emerging approaches, and make sure you’re equipped with practical tips and insights that will help ease your fears.

 Moderated by Lisa Peters, owner of Eye Inspire Events and TV Host and Community Producer of Talk of the Town at Access Communications. Panelists included Nowshad Ail, President of On Purpose Leadership, Sharon Lechner, founder and CEO of Events by Sharon and Kayla Thompson, owner of Blue Street Media.

How to Host a Virtual Annual General Meeting

This webinar took place Thursday 16 July - watch now!

This panel discussion will help arm you with practical tips and insights about staging a virtual Annual General Meeting. You will also learn need-to-know information about bylaws, important considerations for ensuring accessibility, and much more. Panelists: Shari Hildred (Valmore Consulting Inc), Christie Fessler (REACH), Paige Ross (United Way), and Gloria DeSantis (University of Regina) This webinar is brought to you by the Community Engagement and Research Centre, the Canadian Philanthropy Partnership Network, and Community Campus Engage Canada.

Coping During Troubled Times: A Virtual 'Coffee Session' Series of Free Webinars
This series took place April 30-May 21 - view series videos/resources below!

Webinar 1: Positive Personal Growth in Challenging Times
with Dr. Sonya Corbin Dwyer

This webinar took place Thursday 30 April - watch now!

The fear caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the measures that have been enacted to protect the health and well-being of Canadians is deeply distressing. During the first of four webinars hosted by the Community Research Unit, Dr. Sonya Corbin Dwyer, a psychologist from Memorial University of Newfoundland, will share ideas on how to reframe the way we perceive uncertain circumstances to create meaning and growth. 

Webinar 2: Optimize Remote Teamwork – Top Keys to Success!
with Shari Hildred, PMP

This webinar took place Thursday 7 May - watch now!

You are not “working from home.”  You are “at home, trying to work, during a pandemic!”  With this change in work model quickly becoming ‘the new normal’, some experts believe it will continue long after the crisis has ended.  Prior to optimizing this new way of working, it is critical to understand best practices in maintaining and leading effective remote teamwork. This short webinar will examine keys to successful virtual communication and team engagement.

Other resources from this webinar available for download include: PowerPoint presentation slides (pdf) and Project Template Spreadsheet (xls).  


Webinar 3: Living a Positive Life in Challenging Times
with Dr. Sonya Corbin Dwyer

This webinar took place Thursday 14 May.

Positive psychology is about promoting the understanding of healthy human functioning. Positive emotions seem to help restore or preserve the health of both our minds and our bodies. Learn how you can nurture your existing “signature” strengths of optimism, humour, and gratefulness in this short presentation.

Download presentation slides (pdf) from this webinar.

Webinar 4: Leverage Covid-19 - Real Time Lessons Learned and How to Use Them!
with Shari Hildred, PMP

This webinar took place Thursday 21 May.

Covid-19 has been a sober reminder that there are things in our world we have no control over and that can strike with little warning.  With limited human and financial resources, many non-profits have simply not had the capacity to create business resumption or disaster recovery plans. Forward-thinking organizations will leverage the lessons learned from Covid-19 to take a hard and honest look at their crisis and disaster preparedness.  This short webinar will provide a framework to consider what your organization has learned from responding to Covid-19, and to update or create from scratch, crisis and disaster preparedness plans.

Download presentation slides (pdf) from this webinar.


Planning is underway for workshops that will take place in the Fall semester.

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