Graduate Courses

In conjunction with the Summer Institute, we offered two graduate-level courses during the Summer 2018 semester.  

**NEW** SOST 880 AM: Community-Based Research as a Tool for Social Change

Course description: This course offers an in-depth exploration of theoretical, methodological and practical issues in the design and implementation of community-based, participatory action research for citizen-led social change. Students gain understanding of the ethical and methodological consideration in building community partnersips, gaining knowledge of the links between participation, social inclusion and societal transformation. 

Instructor: Dr. Nancy Akwen 

About the instructor: Dr. Nancy Akwen is a Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Sociology and Social Studies at the University of Regina. She holds a PhD in Gender Studies. Dr. Akwen’s research focuses on the nexus of gender, climate change adaptation and policy. She is currently participating in a research on how climate hazards affect farm, forestry and First Nation communities in Saskatchewan. Dr. Akwen has expertise in participatory community-based research projects, collaborating with communities to develop agendas and implement community led actions aimed at improving decision making, gender equity and resilience to environmental stressors. 

Nancy Akwen

EAHR 850: Research Methods in Adult Education 

Course description: Students will learn theories and practices linked to facilitating participatory learning, designing participatory methodologies, exercising inclusive community practices, developing original participatory methodologies for diverse contexts, and demonstrating links between participation, social inclusion and societal transformation.  

Instructor: Dr. Cindy Hanson 

About the instructor: Dr. Hanson is director of the Adult Education Unit at the University of Regina. She is an adult educator involved in participatory, community-based action and research, and transformational forms of learning and research. Her scholarship is linked to non-formal learning, equity issues, and research and facilitation methodologies. This includes local and global research into gender, labour education, intergenerational learning. 

Cindy Hanson