Toolkit Workshop Series

Toolkit Workshop Series to continue .... but with some changes! 

Since 2011, the Community Research Unit has been proud to be co-sponsor and organize for the Toolkit Workshop Series along with the RPIRG (Regina Public Interest Research Group), the Centre for Continuing Education and STOPS to Violence. Unfortunately, our other partners chose to focus their attention on other activities that more clearly fit with their mandate. This left the CRU with a difficult decision: should we just let the program end or should we try to figure out a way to continue it on our own? 

After a lot of thought and deliberation, we made the made the decision to continue to offer low-cost professional development opportunities for members of our community. Because the CRU only has one full-time staff person, we discussed ways to make the administration for these workshops easier. For starters, we will offer only four workshops per year instead of eight. We also decided that it will ease the administrative burden if we make the workshops free and leave participants on their own when it comes to finding and paying for parking on campus. 

We will still ask people to pre-register for the workshops so we know how many people with be attending. If you have any ideas for future workshops, please let Lynn known be emaling her at or calling her at (306) 585-4084. The line-up for 2018-19 has not been finalized yet. 

Previous Toolkit Workshops

Upcoming workshops: 

Tuesday, September 18 | 8:30 to noon 
"Working Effectively and Respecfully with First Nations Communities" with Angela Pratt