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    Welcome to the Dean of Arts Office

    Rick Kleer
    As Dean of Arts, I welcome you to this website, which provides a wide range of information about the Faculty of Arts and its programs.

    Arts is the University's largest Faculty, measured by the number both of its students and of its faculty members. It houses some twenty areas of study, ranging across the humanities, social sciences, interdisciplinary studies and even a few professional programs. It offers degrees at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

    We've had many young, new members join us in the past few years, folks who have brought energy, commitment and exciting new research programs with them. Some of our more senior members are known nation- and even world-wide for their fine scholarly work. We are committed to excellence in the classroom. Many of our instructors are highly accomplished at getting students excited about their disciplines. And all are encouraged to take this part of their jobs very seriously. The Faculty has a reputation for encouraging open and relevant debate, as exemplified by the Open Minds series of public discussions, which are held throughout the year in various venues around the city.

    Richard Kleer, PhD
    Dean of Arts

    Faculty of Arts Mission Statement

    In keeping with the liberal-arts tradition, we encourage our students to value intellectual curiosity, studious reflection, and open-minded debate. Our principal goal as teachers is to develop well-rounded individuals who can communicate effectively and reason in independent, well-informed and discerning manners on a wide range of issues - skills that will be valued in their communities and polities and in whatever callings they pursue.

    As academics and researchers we value the critical pursuit of knowledge as we strive to develop the highest quality research and scholarly programs dedicated to the advancement of knowledge, creativity and the betterment of our society. We foster interdisciplinary collaboration, where appropriate, and we disseminate new knowledge and other scholarly output through formal scholarly channels, our teaching and community outreach.