Report on Indigenization

The Faculty of Arts is committed to Indigenization and strives to contribute to the implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation (TRC)'s Calls to Action. The University of Regina Strategic Plan (2015-2020) Peyak Aski Kikawinaw embraces Indigenization as “an overarching area of emphasis” that is to be integrated into the Strategic Plan priority areas of student success, research impact, and commitment to our communities. Academic Indigenization is defined as  “the transformation of the existing academy by including Indigenous knowledges, voices, critiques, scholars, students and materials as well as the establishment of physical and epistemic spaces that facilitate the ethical stewardship of a plurality of Indigenous knowledges and practices so thoroughly as to constitute an essential element of the university. It is not limited to Indigenous people, but encompasses all students and faculty, for the benefit of our academic integrity and our social viability.”*

The Faculty of Arts Report adopts this working definition of Indigenization and affirms the Faculty’s commitment to work toward the realization of the Strategic Plan’s Indigenization-focused objectives. To learn more, please refer to The Faculty of Arts' Statement and Report on Indigenization and the TRC's Calls to Action.PDF (462 KB)

*Indigenous Advisory Circle’s definition of Indigenization as quoted in the Strategic Plan p. 9ft3. See also the President's Office information on Indigenization at the University of Regina.