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Harvey King

Associate Professor, Director of the Centre for Continuing Education
PhD, University of Western Ontario

Office: College Building 219
Phone: 306-585-5712

Research interests
Regional Wage Differences, Educational Production Functions

In addition to being an Associate Professor of Economics, I am the Director of the University of Regina’s Centre for Continuing EducationI currently teach one course a year which is a fully online version of Economics 202 (Introductory Macroeconomics) which will be offered in the Winter 2019 term.  I have also supervised honours and graduate economics students, most recently with students who have focused on labour economics topics.

Although most of my time is captured by my Administrative work as Director of the Centre for Continued Education, I also do research work on educational production functions and student success in first year courses.  In the past few years, I have been part of a High School-University Transitions Committee that is a partnership with the University of Regina and 3 local school boards.  We have surveyed students and did some statistical work to see what activities by students and instructors in first year courses can help create success for those students.  I have put together a document (Summary Report on the First Year Transitions Surveys 2013-2015) summarizing some of the methods by which instructors can help students succeed, and by which students can help themselves succeed.

I have also worked as an author of various teaching supplements, including Study Guide: Economics, 8th Canadian edition, (with Avi J. Cohen). Toronto: Addison-Wesley Publishers, June 2012. (To accompany Economics. (8th edition), by M. Parkin and R. Bade, Addison-Wesley Publishers 2012.).  This text has also been rebundled as Microeconomics: flexText, and Macroeconomics: flexText, (with Avi J. Cohen), Toronto: Pearson Canada, 2017.