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Canadian Government Agencies

  • Bank of Canada
    • good for material on interest rates, financial markets, exchange rates
    • includes data, articles, news releases, etc.
  • Statistics Canada
    • allows access to some data free of charge but provides longer data series only at a cost
    • note however that because the University of Regina Library has signed up for the Data Liberation Initiative, you can get access to all the StatsCan time series via the CANSIM server (as long as you are using a computer with an IP address in the University of Regina domain (142.3.x.x)
    • as the search engine on the CANSIM server is poor, it is usually best to locate the item first on the StatsCan site, record the data series label, and then use that to search the CANSIM site
    • a good starting point is the CANSIM II Quick Start Page
  • Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC)
  • Canadian Department of Finance
  • Policy Research Initiative (PRI)
    • seeks to strengthen the policy research capacity in Canada
    • provides a service to the wide range of people interested and involved in public policy research and development
    • you can learn about the PRI and its activities and access the organizations and information that make up the world of policy research
    • links to a huge number of academic, government and NGO websites of interest
  • Saskatchewan Government home page
  • Saskatchewan Economic Development
  • Saskatchewan Bureau of Statistics