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Other Links

A Career in Economics

General Resources

  • Bill Goffe's Resources for Economists on the Internet
    • links to economics journals, government bodies, economics departments, etc.
  • Canadian Finance Web Directory
    • maintained by UBC Finance
  • PACIFIC Exchange Rate Service
  • Canadian Economics Association
    • links to all economics departments and research institutes
  • Economics Working Paper Archive
  • World Wide Web Resources in Economics
    • an effort to categorize information that is freely available on the web
  • EcEdWEb
    • maintained by the University of Nebraska at Omaha Department of Economics to help economics teachers at various levels
    • very extensive
    • includes many links to various economic data sites, government sites, on-line textbooks, etc.
  • Site for various research papers (thanks Shawn!) -
  • Dr. T's EconLinks
    • provides a comprehensive index of useful links for economists, economics and business students and anyone interested in economics, business and finance
  • AmosWeb
    • contains dictionaries defining key economic concepts
    • collects key economic statistics (mostly American)
    • visitors can submit questions for discussion or participate in economic surveys
    • tracks the U.S. economy and economic policy
  • ProQuest
    • an on-line collection of abstractsand selected complete articles available over the Internet (you may never have to enter the library again!)
    • only accessible from computers with an IP address in the University of Regina domain (142.3.x.x)
  • Non-US Economics Departments
  • Job prospects for economics students
  • Career Owl
    • lists job opportunities for Canadian economics students
    • no charge for prospective employees; employers pay a small fee to post job openings

International agencies

Fun and occasionally useful

  • Paul Krugman's MIT webpage
    • has many interesting and accessible articles on current economic topics
    • Paul is not shy, but his articles are short, punchy and intelligent; impress your parents!
    • highly recommended
  • Brad DeLong's UC Berkeley website
    • many interesting articles on economic topics of current interest
    • a good rival for Paul
  • The Economist
    • this British magazine has a good website, with many of articles available free of charge
  • a great set of economist jokes
  • The Dilbert Zone
    • not quite an economics page, but close

For first-year students