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Centenary Reflections Lecture

Wed., Nov. 12, 2014 7:00 p.m.

Location: Regina & Wascana Rooms, Main Floor, Dr. Archer Library, U of R Main Campus

The Humanities Research Institute, the Faculties of Arts and Fine Arts, the Department of History and the Dr. John Archer Library at the University of Regina proudly present 1914: A Turning Point in History and Culture Centenary Reflections at the University of Regina.

In this commemorative lecture series an interdisciplinary team of scholars will offer their “Centenary Reflections” on the significance of the Great War as a turning point in history and culture.  Specialists from the fields of History, International Studies, English, French, Music, Film, Economics and Psychology will consider the diffuse influence and legacy of the Great War in a wide range of contexts.  Approaching the war from diverse disciplinary perspectives underlines the profound and sometimes surprising impact of the war, as its influence reached from the Berlin streets to the Canadian prairies, from the musical stage to the graphic novel and from the artist’s studio to the psychiatrist’s couch.

Free parking on campus is available in lot 3M.

November's lecture entitled Social and Political Reflections on the Great War  features the following two speakers:

  • 'The 107th Timber Wolf Battalion and Indigenous Participation in the Canadian Expeditionary Force during World War One'
    Dr. James Daschuk
    Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies 
  • 'War and Revolution: Berlin and the Bolshevik Revolution'
    Dr. Thomas Bredohl
    Department of History