Creative Research Awards

The Faculty Plan states that the Faculty will allocate an annual sum of money that will be available to faculty members in small amounts on a competitive basis to enable them to develop scholarly projects of a creative nature that are not eligible for Tri-Council funding. Faculty members are invited to apply for the Creative Research Awards competition by 1 October of each year. Should this date fall over a weekend, the deadline shall be the first Monday following 1 October

General Criteria:

  • One round annually
  • Since Arts members in the federated colleges have access to similar research funds in their home institutions, they are not eligible to apply
  • A request to the Creative Research Award will only be considered once every three (3) years
  • A current CV must accompany the application
  • Adjudicating committee: elected subcommittee of RAGS (2 persons plus Associate Dean ex officio)

Maximum award per project: $4000

Application Procedures:
  • Applicants for the award need to describe the project, justify the expenses and provide the following accompanying documentation: CV; a description of the applicant’s overall research and publication plan; two letters of recommendation from referees who have expertise relevant to the proposed project and are not members of the applicant’s academic unit; at least one of the letters must be from a referee who is external to the University of Regina.
  • The project should either be a logical extension of the applicant’s research and publication “track record,” or if it is a departure, the applicant should explain how the project is part of an overall research and publication plan.
  • The project should lead to scholarly dissemination.
  • If an award is given, the applicant must provide (three years after the award is given) a written report.

An on-line application form is available through the Dean’s Office website.

Criteria for Consideration of Applications:

  • Clear research project plan and objectives; academic merit of the proposal
  • Fit with university strategic plan: the proposal reflects the University’s strategic plan goals
  • The applicant’s record of research accomplishments and ability to carry out the proposed research
  • Justification of the budget in relation to the proposal: detailed, eligible budget items outlined in the request
  • The potential of the award to be a catalyst for external funding
  • In cases of subsequent applications, the applicant must show evidence of impact of previous funding received

Priority of requests:

  1. Seed funding for new projects
  2. Continuing Projects

Funding Guidelines:

  • Awards are intended to support research projects not the dissemination of their results at academic conferences
  • Award cannot be used to buy out teaching

Reporting Procedures:

  • A brief written report detailing research progress, output, and expenditure of funds is required upon completion of the project
  • Applications from previous recipients of Creative Research Awards will not be considered until a report has been received