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Kevin Bond

Associate Professor, Department Head
PhD (McMaster University)

Office: CL 259
Phone: 306-585-4335

Current classes
Fall 2021 - RLST 209

Research interests
Early Modern Religion in Japan: The Cult of Fudō Myōō, Popular Religion and Theatre, Humour and Parody

Bond, Kevin. "Wild Actors & Wrathful Deities: Buddhist Faith, Entertainment, and the Kabuki Theatre of Early Modern Japan." Studies in Religion / Sciences Religieuses, 44:1 (March 2015): 16-32. 

Bond, Kevin. "Of Saints and Blood: The Narita Sword Cult in Edo Japan." Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies, 77:2 (2014): 313-335.

Bond, Kevin. "The 'Famous Places' of Japanese Buddhism: Representations of Urban Temple Life in Early Modern Guidebooks." Studies in Religion / Sciences Religieuses, 43:2 (2014): 228-242.
Bond, Kevin. "Buddhism on the Battlefield: The Cult of the 'Substitute Body' Talisman in Imperial Japan (1890–1945)." In Material Culture and in Asian Religions: Text, Image, Object, edited by Benjamin Fleming and Richard Mann, 121-134. Routledge Research in Religion, Media and Culture Series. London: Routledge 2014.

Bond, Kevin. "Shinto." In World Religions: Canadian Perspectives (Eastern Traditions), edited by Doris Jakobsh, 246–262. Two Volumes. Toronto: Nelson, 2012.

Bond, Kevin. "Localizing the Immovable One: The Meguro Fudō Cult in Early Modern Japan." In Images, Relics, and Legends: The Formation and Transformation of Buddhist Sacred Sites, edited by James Benn, Chen Jinhua, and James Robson, 273–295.  Oakville: Mosaic Press, 2012.