Chinese Program Photo Gallery

New Year's Celebrations
2010 Chinese New Year Celebration
2012 Chinese New Year Celebration
2015 Chinese New Year Celebration
Field Trips
2010 Students Visiting Great Wall
2013 Hangzhou 1
2014 Field Trip in Hunan China Countryside
2014 students in China with President Timmons
China Knot
2014/2015 Award Reception
Dr. Wilson giving a speech
Thank you speech by student
Competitions - Poetry and Speech
1st place speech competition winner Erika in Montreal
Student winning 1st place at National Speech Competiton 2014
Students at Halifax National Speaking Contest 2014
Celebrations and Misc. Photos
2011 Golden Autumn Celebration
Moon Celebration 3
Students having fun in class

New Year's Celebrations
2011 Chinese New Year Celebration
2013 Chinese New Year Celebration
2015 Ram Year Celebration
Field Trips
2012 Hangzhou Group
2014 Climbing the Great Wall
2014 Students Lane made of happiness
2015 students in Hunan China
Students at Forbidden City
2014/2015 Award Reception
2014 Award Recepients
Students at 2014 reception
Competitions - Poetry and Speech
Erika and Matthew at Montreal Speech Competition
Student winning two 1st places at National Speech Competiton 2014
Student winning 2nd place at National Speech Competiton 2014
2015 Poetry Reciting Competition Winners
Celebrations and Misc. Photos
Moon Celebration 2
Moon Celebration