SPAN 111 - Introductory Spanish I
Focuses on the acquisition of basic skills of pronunciation, reading, writing, and conversation, for students with little or no Spanish experience. Includes instruction in basic grammar, syntax, and vocabulary for culturally appropriate interaction. ***Prerequisite: No previous background in Spanish. Refer to the Department of International Languages Section of the Undergraduate Calendar (How to Choose a Language) for details.*** *Note: Students may receive credit for one of SPAN 111 or SPAN 100.*

SPAN 112 - Introductory Spanish II
A continuation of the skill development started in SPAN 111. Emphasis on a variety of verb tenses and moods, as well as expansion of basic vocabulary. ***Prerequisite: SPAN 111 or Grade 12 Spanish, or permission of the Department Head.*** *Note: Students may receive credit for one of SPAN 112, SPAN 113, SPAN 101, or SPAN 110.*

SPAN 211 - Intermediate Spanish I
Further development of oral and written skills through the intensive review and expansion of basic grammatical concepts and the expansion of vocabulary and culturally appropriate communication through oral activities, readings and compositions. ***Prerequisite: SPAN 112, SPAN 113, or SPAN 110, or permission of the Department Head.*** *Note: Students may receive credit for one of SPAN 200 or SPAN 211.*

SPAN 212 - Intermediate Spanish II
A continuation of Spanish 211. ***Prerequisite: SPAN 211 or permission of the Department.*** *Note: Students may receive credit for one of SPAN 201 or SPAN 212.*

SPAN 314 - Spanish Skills Development Through Reading, Writing and Conversation: Advanced
Complementary to the grammar-focused courses, the goal of this course is to increase vocabulary, grammar mastery, and Spanish expression through reading, writing and discussion, based on a variety of readings. Directed to students with a high-intermediate level of Spanish comprehension and expression. Assignments tailored to individual students´ needs. ***Prerequisite: SPAN 212, taken prior or concurrently, or permission of the Department Head, based on language assessment.*** *Note: Students may receive credit for one of SPAN 314, SPAN 214, SPAN 290AC or SPAN 390AD*

SPAN 320 - Spanish American Civilization
This course examines the historical bases and cultural movements that formed the identity of Spanish Americans. Students are invited to amplify their language and analytical skills through an interdisciplinary study of the civilizations of Spanish Americans and the role they play in the community of nations. ***Prerequisite: SPAN 212, or permission of the Department Head.***

SPAN 390AC - Spanish-Language Cinema for Oral Communication
This cinema-based course will present a wide variety of themes, genres and experiences from different Hispanic countries. Through movies, students will be exposed to authentic language and gain insights into their social, historic and cultural context. It is designed to stimulate students' oral communication skills, with some reading and writing components. ***Prerequisite: SPAN 212, or Permission of the Department Head.***

SPAN 415 - Hispanic Culture III
Study of current issues in Hispanic culture, including cultural and political trends, and topics of controversy, such as economic development, gender and ethnic relations, the influence of globalization, etc. ***Prerequisite: SPAN 312 and 320 or permission of the department***

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