Dongyan Blachford

Professor (Chinese)
PhD (University of Toronto); MEd (University of Regina); BA (Beijing Foreign Studies University)

Office: AH 416
Phone: 306-585-4139

Research interests

  • China studies
  • Language education
  • Race relations and ethnic policies
  • Internationalization in higher education

Recent Peer-Reviewed Publications

Sinclair, P. & Blachford, D. The Kaga Suihen Textbook Series and Japan’s Business Language Education in early Twentieth-Century shanghai, Journal of Teaching in International Business, 31(3), 238-258, 2020

Ma, L. Blachford, D. & Sinclair, P. The effect on Entrepreneurial Ability in Ethnic Minority University Students---The perspective of entrepreneurial Learning (创业学习视域下少数民族大学生创业能力的影响研究),Journal of Technical Economics & Management ((技术经济与管理研究), Shanxi, China, No. 5, 2020, p.25-32.

Ken Leyton-Brown & Blachford, D. New Concepts in Global Soft Power Development—the Case of Overseas Chinese in North America, 全球化背景下软实力概念及内容的新发展-以北美地区海外华人的文化“软效应”为例, in Chinese, Journal of Cultural Soft Power, Hunan University Press, Vol 4 (1) 2019, p. 80-86.

Sinclair, P. & Blachford, D. Agriculture and Sino-Canadian Relations: Hsieh Pei-Chi and His Farmers Program, The China Review, Volume 18, No.3, 2018, P. 207–232.

Qin, Y. & Blachford, D. A Smooth Journey to Integration?—A Case Study of Integration of English Proficient Chinese Immigrants in Canada, Journal of Intercultural Communication Studies, Volume XXVI, No. 1, 2017, P. 24-41