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Ricardo Arisnabarreta

Sessional Lecturer (Spanish)
MEd (Regina)

E-mail: ricardo.arisnabarretta-montejo@uregina.ca

Fang (Karen) Bian

Sessional Lecturer (Chinese)
MEd (Regina)

Office: AH 421
E-mail: Fang.Bian@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-5300
Fax: 306-585-4827

Dongyan Blachford

Professor, Chinese Studies
(Beijing), MEd (Regina), PhD (Toronto)

Office: AH 416
E-mail: dongyan.blachford@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4139
Fax: 306-585-4827

Yuki Kishimoto

Sessional Lecturer (Japanese)
BA (Kyoto), MEd (Regina)

Office: AH 413.2
E-mail: Yuki.Kishimoto@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-337-8476
Fax: 306-585-4827

Tomoko Lamb

Instructor III and Japanese Language Coordinator
BA (Tokyo), BEd (Regina), MEd (Regina)

Office: AH 415
E-mail: tomoko.lamb@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-5240
Fax: 306-585-4827

Li McLeod

Instructor III of Spanish
BA Hons, BEd (Saskatchewan), MA (Ottawa)

Office: AH 441
E-mail: li.mcleod@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-5253
Fax: 306-585-4827

Ranka Minic-Vidovic

Associate Professor of Spanish
BA Hons (Belgrade), PhD (British Columbia)

Office: CL 260
E-mail: ranka.minic-vidovic@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4103
Fax: 306-585-4827

Li (Lily) Wang

Instructor III of Chinese
BA (Jinan), MCert (Nanjing), MEd (Regina)

Office: AH 420.2
E-mail: Li.wang@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4328
Fax: 306-585-4827

Michael Zimmermann

Instructor III of German
BA Hons (Waterloo), MA (Queen's), PhD (Waterloo)

Office: AH 418
E-mail: michael.zimmermann@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4327
Fax: 306-585-4827


Ruth Easton

Administrative Assistant

Office: AH 420
E-mail: Ruth.Easton@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4333
Fax: 306-585-4827