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Faculty Listing

Gennadiy Chernov

Department Head; Associate Professor
Ph.D (University of Oregon at Eugene)

Office: AH 105.19
Phone: 306-585-4090

Research interests

  • Communication studies
  • Psychological mechanisms of media effects
  • Commercialization of television news
  • Specialization in experimental studies of agenda-setting theory

Dawn Blaus

Sessional Lecturer


Layton Burton

Lab Instructor II (Broadcast)

Office: AH 105.16
Phone: 306-585-4615

Joe Couture

Sessional Lecturer
MPA (Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy), BA (University of Regina)


Austin Davis

Sessional Lecturer


Darrell Davis

Dallas W. Smythe Chair in Journalism and the Public Interest
BA (University of Regina)

Office: AH 105.25
Phone: 306-585-5677

Mitch Diamantopoulos

Associate Professor
PhD (University of Saskatchewan); MA (University of Regina); BA Hons (University of Regina)

Office: AH 105.22
Phone: 306-585-4092

Research interests

  • History, politics and political economy of mass media, including alternative media
  • Media sociology and media cultural studies
  • Democratic approaches to journalism theory
  • Journalism history, particularly on the Canadian Prairies
  • Media reform movements and innovative firm models for journalism
  • Cooperative studies, community economic development and the social economy
  • The role of journalism in an age of religious backlash, bigotry and violence

Aziz Douai

Professor; Dean of Graduate Studies and Research
PhD (Pennsylvania State University)


Research interests

  • Disruptive communication technologies
  • Terrorism and the media
  • Global communications and conflict
  • Media and crime
  • Middle Eastern and North African media and politics

Patricia Elliott

Distinguished Professor of Investigative and Community Journalism, seconded to First Nations University of Canada
PhD (University of Saskatchewan); MA (University of Regina); BA (University of Regina)


Trevor Grant

Lecturer; Graduate Studies Coordinator
MFA (University of Regina); BA (University of Regina); Broadcast (Mount Royal College)

Office: AH 105.26
Phone: 306-585-5051

Research interests

  • Narrative devices, speech types, signs, codes and aesthetic constructs within the documentary form
  • Applications of camera, sound and editing in illustrating complex narratives
  • Music and Media as sites of resistance in contemporary culture

Bridget Keating

Sessional Lecturer