School of Journalism - Our Vision

At the University of Regina School of Journalism, you’ll learn to craft stories for all forms of media. Stories that engage. Stories that inform. Stories that empower the public. Stories that build a stronger, smarter and more democratic society. Here, every student gets at least one paid internship. It’s like a 13-week job interview. That’s part of the reason over 90 per cent of our students get jobs within a year of graduation. Through thoughtful discussion and interactive approaches to writing, researching, reporting, editing, broadcasting and photojournalism, we hope to inspire our graduates to be educated, effective and enlightened journalists in service to their communities.

How We Achieve Our Vision

  • By recognizing the diverse forms and voices that comprise today's media.
  • By truly connecting with our students, through small classes and personalized mentorship.
  • By preparing our students with the knowledge and skills to excel equally in broadcast or print.
  • By exploring creative, in-depth approaches to journalism, and by guiding students to practice the art of journalism at its highest level.
  • By connecting to place, culture and community, through specialized instruction and activities in areas like community and alternative media, Aboriginal awareness and rural/agricultural issues.
  • By giving students experience in the classroom of the world, through four-month paid internships, field trips, travel support, community projects, and opportunities to participate in conferences, special events and other learning activities.
  • By connecting students to local, national and international journalism networks.
  • By celebrating journalism as a global endeavor that is key to human experience and transformation.