Associate Listing

Margot Hurlbert

PhD (University of Amsterdam); LL.M., LL.B. (Osgoode Hall Law School, York University); B.Admin (University of Regina)

Office: CB 332.4
Phone: 306-585-4232
Pronoun(s): She/her

Research interests
My research focuses on climate change, energy, water, food, and marginalized peoples. I focus particularly on sustainability and governance.

I am particularly interested in governance and social change - how individuals/actors negotiate formal and informal institutions, making decisions reinforcing enduring structures of society (path dependent technological, economic, social structures etc.), or creating new ones through agency, social processes, and policy instruments.

This interest has resulted in my work in energy transitions (changes in energy production as well as public perceptions surrounding energy technology informed by risk perceptions and framing of discourse), adaptation to climate change (agricultural producers and their communities changing their practices, or adapting to extreme weather events).

My goal is to determine the participatory governance mechanisms and imaginaries that help us achieve our Paris goals - net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Michelle Stewart

Associate Professor, Department of Gender, Religion and Critical Studies; Director, Regina Improvisation Studies
PhD, University of Californina - Davis, MA, University of California - Davis, BA, University of California - Santa Cruz

Phone: 306-585-4873
Pronoun(s): she/they

Research interests

  • Applied Anthropology
  • Disability Justice
  • Settler Colonialism
  • Forensic Social Sciences
  • Science and Technology Studies
  • Harm Reduction
  • Justice System