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Faculty Listing

Stuart Wilson

Department Head; Research Fellow, Collaborative Centre for Justice and Safety; Associate Professor, Department of Economics
PhD (Queen's University at Kingston)

Office: CL 343.1
Phone: (306) 585-4038

Research interests
Demographic Change and Public Policy; Crime, Corrections and Public Safety; Savings, Investment, and Economic Growth.

Muhammad Asadullah

Assistant Professor

Office: CL 343.2
Phone: 306-585-4035

Current classes
JS 318-001 Restorative and Community Justice; JS 316 - Mediation and Dispute Resolution; JS 319 - Criminological Theories; JS 419 - Advanced Seminar in Criminal Justice

Research interests

His research interests include decolonization, restorative justice, conflict resolution, village courts, peacemaking criminology, indigenous justice and contemplative justice.


Gloria DeSantis

Associate Professor
PhD (University of Regina); MA (University of Waterloo); BA Hons (Wilfrid Laurier University)

Office: CL 327
Phone: 306-585-5066
Pronoun(s): she/her

Research interests

  • nonprofit sector, public policy advocacy in Canada
  • social justice
  • mixed methods and participatory action research
  • community engagement in public policy making
  • knowledge creation from the ground up
  • geographic analyses of nonprofits and their justice advocacy work.

David Flomo


Office: CL 343.3
Phone: 306-585-5237

Current classes
JS 291-001- Professional Communications and Writing; JS 490-398 Practicum II

Research interests

Research areas include:

  • Behavioural health
  • Fathers with mental health condition and their family relationships
  • Minority and immigrant families psychosocial well-being
  • International students psychosocial well-being
  • Post-war experiences of immigrants and their psychosocial functioning

James Gacek

Assistant Professor

Office: CL 331

Current classes
JS 240-001 The Criminal Justice System; JS 412-001 Environment and Justice; JS 440-001 Advanced Issues in Corrections and Community Justice; JS 460-001 Discrimination and Justice

Hirsch Greenberg

Instructor Emeritus
MSW (University of Regina)


Research interests

  • Restorative Justice
  • Violence Intervention
  • Victim Intervention

Nick Jones

Professor; Executive Director, Canadian Institute for Public Safety Research and Treatment
BA (University of Calgary); MSc (San Joese State University); PhD (University of Calgary)

Phone: 306-337-2387
Pronoun(s): he/him

Research interests

  • restorative justice
  • policing, genocide
  • PTSI

Heather Nord

Office: CL 333
Phone: 306-585-4055

Current classes
JS 100 - Introduction to Justice Studies; JS 230 - Introduction to Canadian Law; JS 332 - Law and Society

Rick Ruddell

Professor; Law Foundation of Saskatchewan Chair in Police Studies
BA (University of Saskatchewan); BSW (University of Regina); MCJ (New Mexico State University); PhD (University of Missouri-St. Louis)

Office: CL 335
Phone: 306-337-8541
Fax: 306-585-4815

Current classes
JS 443-397 Human Service Agency Organization, Administration & Leadership