Stuart Wilson

Department Head; Research Fellow, Collaborative Centre for Justice and Safety; Associate Professor, Department of Economics
PhD (Queen's University at Kingston)

Office: CL 343.1
E-mail: js.head@uregina.ca
Phone: (306) 585-4038
Website: http://www.uregina.ca/arts/justice-studies/faculty-staff/faculty/1-wilson-stuart.html

Research interests
Demographic Change and Public Policy; Crime, Corrections and Public Safety; Savings, Investment, and Economic Growth.

Muhammad Asadullah

Assistant Professor
PhD (Simon Fraser University); MA in Criminology (Simon Fraser University); MA in Conflict Transformation (Eastern Mennonite University)

Office: CL 343.2
E-mail: Muhammad.Asadullah@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4035
Website: http://uregina.ca/~asadullah/

Current classes
JS 318-001 Restorative and Community Justice; JS 316 - Mediation and Dispute Resolution; JS 319 - Criminological Theories; JS 419 - Advanced Seminar in Criminal Justice

Research interests

  • decolonization
  • restorative justice
  • conflict resolution
  • village courts
  • peacemaking criminology
  • indigenous justice
  • contemplative justice


David Flomo


Office: CL 343.3
E-mail: David.Flomo@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-5237

Current classes
JS 291-001- Professional Communications and Writing; JS 490-398 Practicum II

Research interests

Research areas include:

  • Behavioural health
  • Fathers with mental health condition and their family relationships
  • Minority and immigrant families psychosocial well-being
  • International students psychosocial well-being
  • Post-war experiences of immigrants and their psychosocial functioning

James Gacek

Assistant Professor
PhD (University of Edinburgh); MA (University of Manitoba); BA (University of Manitoba)

Office: CL 331
E-mail: James.Gacek@uregina.ca

Current classes
JS 240-001 The Criminal Justice System; JS 412-001 Environment and Justice; JS 440-001 Advanced Issues in Corrections and Community Justice; JS 460-001 Discrimination and Justice

Research interests

  • corrections and community justice
  • green criminology
  • socio-legal studies of judicial reasoning
  • justice and pedagogy
  • justice and ignorance
  • carceral geography

Hirsch Greenberg

Instructor Emeritus
MSW (University of Regina)

E-mail: Hirsch.Greenberg@uregina.ca

Research interests

  • Restorative Justice
  • Violence Intervention
  • Victim Intervention

Nick Jones

Professor; Executive Director, Canadian Institute for Public Safety Research and Treatment
BA (University of Calgary); MSc (San Joese State University); PhD (University of Calgary)

E-mail: Nick.Jones@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-337-2387
Pronoun(s): he/him

Research interests

  • restorative justice
  • policing, genocide
  • PTSI

Heather Nord

Office: CL 333
E-mail: Heather.Nord@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4055

Current classes
JS 100 - Introduction to Justice Studies; JS 230 - Introduction to Canadian Law; JS 332 - Law and Society

Rick Ruddell

Our beloved colleague and friend sadly passed away on January 2 2023. He will be greatly missed.
Professor; Law Foundation of Saskatchewan Chair in Police Studies | BA (University of Saskatchewan); BSW (University of Regina); MCJ (New Mexico State University); PhD (University of Missouri-St. Louis)

Research interests

  • Policing
  • Criminal justice policy
  • Youth justice
  • Rural crime and justice

Adam Vaughan

Assistant Professor
PhD (Simon Fraser University)

Office: CL 326
E-mail: Adam.Vaughan@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4025

Research interests

Policing; Mental Health; Substance Use; Spatiotemporal Analyses of Health; Wellness of First Responders


Corie Smith

Dept. Administrator

Office: CL 343
E-mail: corie.smith@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4779

Additional information
Corie is the Administrative Support Staff for the Department of Justice Studies. She works with students, professors and colleagues from our Faculty and the broader University community. She is resposible for all academic and finanical needs, and handles all correspondence pertaining to the Department.