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PERSPECTIVES is an online publication that aims to provide readers with a glimpse into the diverse scholarly work being done within the University of Regina Faculty of Arts. As home to some 126 tenured faculty from over twenty different areas of study in the social sciences and humanities, our Faculty is a hub of innovative thought and research - research with wide applicability to today's timeliest issues and concerns.

Each term, PERSPECTIVES will publish a handful of brief essays written by members of the Faculty of Arts. Though they are drawn from each author's particular research interests and questions, as 'editorial' or opinion pieces, they are intended to speculate on current issues - be it politics, health care, ethics, or art - and provoke further thought and discussion. To that end we encourage you to share your thoughts on what you read here! We have enabled commenting on all PERSPECTIVES pieces and we welcome reader feedback. 

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The Disruptive Potential of Queer Community Sport
By Dr. Claire Carter, Department of Gender, Religion, and Critical Studies
(Posted 7 July 2020)
A Better Future: How to Defund and Reimagine Policing
By Dr. Michelle Stewart
Department of Gender, Religion, and Critical Studies, University of Regina
(6 July 2020)
Is Celebrity Attention Helping or Hurting Amazonian Peoples?
By Dr. Carlos D. Londoño Sulkin
Department of Anthropology, University of Regina
(30 June 2020)