Philosophy Café

The Philosophy Café is an open exchange of philosophical ideas led by a University of Regina Philosophy Professor or a Graduate Student that runs each Fall and Winter semester. Talks are held monthly and The Philosophy Café is free and open to the general public and all are welcome to attend.

The Philosophy Café for the 2019-2020 term will be held a the Artesian, 2627 13th Avenue, and will start at 7:30PM.

Titles will be added once known. Dates are as follows:

Monday, November 25, 2019
"Ethics of Eating Ethnic", by Dr. Eldon Soifer, Professor in Philosophy, U of R
Having restaurants offereing a number of ethnic foods is often viewed as a major advantage in a city, because many of us enjoy varying our diet and exploring the possibilities. However, some people have raised ethical questions about the practice of indulging in such enjoyments. Does partaking in foods from various parts of the world run a danger of participating in the problematic colonial histories of those places? If foods are adapted to suit the preferences of the dining public in a different place, does that do damage to the traditional heritage those foods come from? Is there a danger of "appropriation of foods", that might parallel the concerns about "cultural appropriation" or "appropriation of voice" that have been raised in other contexts? This talk will invite discussion about a number of these related issues.

Monday, March 2nd - Presenter: Ryan Doran
Monday, April 6th - Presenter: Roger Petry