Courses in Classics

The core of the Classical Studies program at the University of Regina is the study of one or both of the languages, Latin and Greek. In these courses you will encounter the vocabulary and culture of the people who spoke these languages.  The introductory classics class is a survey of the history and civilizations of Greece and Rome. 

Literature in translation classes introduce you to some of the great books of Western Europe where you will read great classics such as Oedipus the King, and study original sources of enduring myths such as that of the Trojan War.

There are also classes in Greek and Roman history, philosophy, theatre, and art.

Courses in Philosophy

Philosophy students take courses that teach them to identify arguments and to distinguish good arguments from bad.  They learn, among other things, the meaning of moral concepts such as right action, obligation, and justice; what sort of things are real; whether they are mental, physical, and abstract things; what knowledge and truth are, and what sort of things can be known; whether we can justify beliefs that go beyond evidence of our senses, such as beliefs about the past and future and about the inner lives of others; whether there are limits to self-knowledge; what the great philosophers have thought about all these matters, and their influence on us.

Individual courses are derived from the core areas in philosophy: Epistemology, Metaphysics, History of Philosophy, Ethics and Logic.