Graduate Programs

The Department supports two graduate programs:

1. Special Case MA in Philosophy

 The minimum requirements for an MA degree in Philosophy include:

    Thesis research: 15 credit hours
    Variable credit:   15 credit hours

TOTAL: 30 credit hours

At the present time, special case students will normally be required to complete a minimum of five graduate courses (800 level) in Philosophy. In certain cases, a student may be granted permission to substitute one senior course at the 400 level for one of the graduate courses. As well, where appropriate, a student may be granted permission to substitute one senior or graduate level course in a cognate area offered by another department or academic unit. The student must also complete an acceptable thesis (Phil. 901).

A 4 year BA or Honours BA in Philosophy or equivalent. There is no general second language requirement for a MA in Philosophy. However, in some cases, a reading knowledge of a second language may be required before a thesis topic can be approved.

For more information on how to apply please visit the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research Special Case Application webpage.

2. Master of Arts in Social and Political Thought
*** Applications to the SOPT Program are suspended until further notice***

The Graduate Program in Social and Political Thought at the University of Regina is an interdisciplinary Master’s degree program anchored in the Department of Philosophy and Classics and the Department of Political Science, with links to other departments in the humanities, social sciences, and fine arts. The program is directed by the Committee for Social and Political Thought, which is devoted to insuring that the program has the requisite rigour and depth as well as flexibility, originality, and imagination.

For more information visit the MA in Social and Political Thought website.