Faculty Listing

Simon Granovsky-Larsen

Department Head, Associate Professor
PhD (York University); MA (York University); BA Hon (Dalhousie University)

Office: CL 215
E-mail: simon.granovsky-larsen@uregina.ca
Phone: (306) 585-5679
Fax: (306) 585-4815

Current classes
Winter 2024 - IS 420 (Advanced Topics in International Development)

Research interests

  • Social movements
  • Political violence
  • Environmental conflict
  • Central America; Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama
  • Extractive industries
  • Green extractivism
  • Coporate counter-insurgency
  • Critical development studies
  • Canadian foreign policy and development assistance

Marta Bashovski

Assistant Professor (Campion College)
PhD (University of Victoria)

Office: Campion 315
E-mail: marta.bashovski@uregina.ca
Phone: (306) 359-1259
Pronoun(s): She/Her
Website: https://campioncollege.ca/resources/dr-marta-bashovski/

Current classes
Winter 2024 - PSCI 100 (People, Power, and Politics: An Introduction), PSCI 490BJ (Political Theories of Labour and Work)

Research interests

  • History of political thought, particularly early modern and Enlightenment thought
  • Contemporary social and political thought
  • Politics of knowledge and politics of language
  • Theories of resistance and dissent
  • Critical methodologies and practices of critique
  • Politics of narrative and aesthetics
  • History and sociology of the social sciences

Garry Ewart

Sessional Lecturer
PhD (ABD) (University of Regina); MA (University of Regina); BA (University of Regina)

E-mail: garry.ewart@uregina.ca

Research interests

  • Canadian Health Care System with a Specific Interest in Saskatchewan Medicare
  • Politics of Saskatchewan
  • Health Policy
  • Canadian Federal/Provincial Jurisdictional Policies

Emily Grafton

Associate Professor
PhD (University of Manitoba); MPA (University of Manitoba); BA (Advanced) (University of Winnipeg)

Office: CL 205
E-mail: emily.grafton@uregina.ca
Pronoun(s): She/Her

Current classes
Winter 2024 - PSCI 442 (Theories of International Relations)

Research interests

  • Settler colonial discourse analysis
  • Feminism and gender theories
  • The nation-state and reconciliation

Martin Hewson

Assistant Professor

Office: CL 212
E-mail: martin.hewson@uregina.ca
Phone: (306) 585-4151
Fax: (306) 585-4815

Current classes
Winter 2024 - PSCI 240 (World Politics)

Research interests

  • International Relations
  • History of International Relations
  • Macro-History of the World Order
  • Global Governance
  • Global Conflict, Warfare, and Security
  • Comparative Foreign Policy
  • International Relations Theory

Tom McIntosh

Interim Associate Dean of Arts (Research and Graduate), Professor
PhD (Queen's University); MA (Queen's University); BA Hons (University of Alberta)

Office: CL 257.1
E-mail: tom.mcintosh@uregina.ca
Phone: (306) 585-4400
Pronoun(s): He/Him

Research interests

  • Canadian politics and public policy
  • Health policy
  • Federalism
  • Population health interventions
  • Canadian political economy

Brian McQuinn

Associate Professor; Co-Director, Centre for Artificial Intelligence, Data, and Conflict
PhD (University of Oxford)

Office: CL 208
E-mail: brian.mcquinn@uregina.ca
Phone: (306) 585-4060
Pronoun(s): he/il
Website: https://www.tracesofconflict.com/

Current classes
Winter 2024 - IS 240 (Contemporary Issues in International Affairs)

Research interests

  • Civil war
  • Right-wing extremism
  • Social media
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Human-wildlife conflict

Paul Omoyefa

Sessional Lecturer
PhD, MA, BA Hons.

Office: CL 214
E-mail: paul.omoyefa@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4687

Current classes
Winter 2024 - IS 100 (Introduction to International Studies)

Research interests

  • Comparative Politics
  • World Politics
  • Globalization
  • International Development
  • International Relations
  • International Security
  • Political Theory
  • Political Philosophy

Nilgun Onder

Associate Professor; Associate Vice-President Academic
PhD (York University); MA (Wilfrid Laurier University); BSc (METU, Turkey)

E-mail: nilgun.onder@uregina.ca

Research interests

  • International Relations
  • Global Political Economy
  • Power and global governance
  • Global finance
  • Foreign Policy Theory
  • Turkish foreign policy and politics

Jeffery Raymond

Sessional Lecturer

Office: CL 214
E-mail: jeffery.raymond@uregina.ca
Phone: (306) 585-4687

Current classes
Winter 2024 - PSCI 230 (Power and Politics in Canada)

Arjun Tremblay

Associate Professor
PhD (University of Toronto); MA (Concordia University); BA (Concordia University)

Office: CL 219
E-mail: arjun.tremblay@uregina.ca
Phone: (306) 585-4077
Fax: (306) 585-4815

Current classes
Winter 2024 - PSCI 100 (People, Power, and Politics: An Introduction), PSCI 331 (Divided Loyalties: Canada as a Federal State)

Research interests

  • the recognition and accommodation of polyethnic (immigrant-based) diversity.
  • the obstacles to and the opportunities for multinational federalism;
  • intra-community diversity and minorities within minorities;
  • inter-community diversity and responses to global challenges.

Yuchao Zhu

Professor Emeritus
PhD (Queen's University); MA (University of Regina); BA (Nankai University)

E-mail: yuchao.zhu@uregina.ca

Shadia Drury

Professor Emeritus
PhD (York University); MA; BA Hons.

E-mail: shadia.drury@uregina.ca

Research interests

  • History of political thought
  • Contemporary political philosophy (including Postmodernism)
  • Ethics, Meta-ethics, Canadian Politics, Religion, Anthropology, and Literature

Howard Leeson

Professor Emeritus
PhD (University of Alberta); MA (University of Alberta)

Office: CL 237
E-mail: howard.leeson@uregina.ca

Research interests
Canadian Politics, Canadian Foreign Policy, Canadian Federalism and the Constitution

John Whyte

Professor Emeritus
B.A. (University of Toronto); LL.B. (Queen’s University); LL.M. (Harvard University); LL.D. Hons. (York University)

E-mail: john.whyte@uregina.ca

Joyce Green

Professor Emerita
PhD (University of Alberta); MA (University of Calgary); BA/BSc (University of Lethbridge)

E-mail: Joyce. Green@uregina.ca

Research interests
* Indigenous resurgence, Indigenous feminism, and Indigenizing the academy
* Ktunaxa land recovery and decolonization;
* a transformative ecology derived from relationship with place, epitomized by many traditional Indigenous conceptions of land