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Joyce Green

Professor (On Leave)
PhD - University of Alberta; MA - University of Calgary; BA/BSc - University of Lethbridge

E-mail: Joyce. Green@uregina.ca

Research interests

"The indigenization of the university, a project ranging from inclusion of Aboriginal ideas and people to transformation of the canon, is a matter at the top of [my] research agenda for the forseeable future." Canadian constitution and politics, Aboriginal decolonization, and critical post-colonial and feminist theory

Joyce Green is a Professor of Political Science at the University of Regina.  Her research interest are currently focused on Aboriginal-settler relations and the possibilty of decolonization in Canada; and a transformative ecology of relationship with place, epitomized by many traditional Aboriginal conceptions of land and place.  Her recent publications include Making Space for Indigenous feminism (Fernwood and Zed books, 2008); (with Ian Peach) "Prescribing Post-Colonial Politics and Policy in Saskatchewan", Belonging?  Diversity, Recognition, and Shared Citizenship in Canada (Keith Banting, Thomas Courchene and F. Leslie. Seidle, eds).  Montreal:  The Institute on Research for Public Policy, 2007.  pp. 263-284; "From Stonechild to Social Cohesion:  Anti-Racist Challenges for Saskatchewan", Canadian J. of Political Science Vol.39 (3), 2006.  Pp. 507-527; and "Self-determination, Citizenship, and Federalism: Indigenous and Canadian Palimpsest", in Reconfiguring Aborigianl-State Relations (Michael Murphy, ed.).  Institute of Intergovernmental Relations, School of Policy Studies, Queen's University, 2005. Pp 329-352.

“Parsing Identity and Identity Politics”, International Journal of Critical
Indigenous Studies Vol.2 No.2  December 2009.  Pp. 36-46  http://www.isrn.qut.edu.au/publications/internationaljournal/volume2_number2_09.jsp

Indivisible:  Indigenous Human Rights (2014)

Making Space for Indigenous Feminism