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Program details

Program Structure

Students in the EAP program complete courses in research methods, statistics, ethics, and courses relevant to their thesis research, as well as courses in other areas of interest to the student. Both M.A. and Ph.D. candidates complete thesis research, developed in consultation with the student’s supervisor and a thesis committee. Following acceptance of a thesis by the student’s thesis committee, an oral examination (defense) will be held. Doctoral candidates are also required to complete a comprehensive examination. The format of the comprehensive examination is flexible, with students able to choose from among several options including writing a mock research grant proposal, completing a research practicum with a community partner, or developing a new course, as best meets the career objectives of the student. M.A. students typically complete their program of study in two years; Ph.D. students typically complete their program of study in three years.

The courses required for the M.A. and Ph.D. degrees are as follow:

M.A. (Program Timeline chart)
PSYC 801 Research Design and Methodology in Psychology                    (3 credit hours)
PSYC 807 Research and Applied Ethics                                               (3 credit hours)
PSYC 802 Applied Multivariate Statistics
or PSYC 805 Experimental Design and Analysis of Variance                     (3 credit hours)
One additional PSYC course                                                              (3 credit hours)
PSYC 900 Graduate Seminar in Psychology                                          (2 credit hours)
PSYC 901 Thesis Research                                                               (16 credit hours)
                                                                                         Total:  30 credit hours

Ph.D. (Program Timeline chart)
PSYC 800 History, Theory and System in Psychology                                (3 credit hours)
Three additional PSYC courses                                                              (9 credit hours)
PSYC 901 Thesis Research                                                                   (48 credit hours)
PSYC 865-EA Comprehensive Examination                                               (1 credit hour)
                                                                                            Total:  61 credit hours

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