Open Minds: A Public Discussion Series

Open Minds Dec 17

The Faculty of Arts' Open Minds series of public talks take place throughout the Fall and Winter in community venues throughout the city of Regina. Focused on timely, relevant topics the Open Minds series aims to encourage lively debate and the open exchange of ideas.    

Resource-based Economies and Sustainability: the case of Saskatchewan
Wednesday, 6 December 2017, 7:00 p.m.
Royal Saskatchewan Museum (2445 Albert Street, Regina)

With panelists:

Shaun Soonias, Saskatchewan First Nations Economic Development Network
Emily Eaton, University of Regina, Department of Geography and Environmental Studies
Samuel Gamtessa, University of Regina, Department of Economics
Brett Dolter, University of Regina, Faculty of Arts, Post-Doctoral Fellow
Margot Hulbert, University of Regina, Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy

Moderated by Nilgün Önder, University of Regina, Associate Dean of Arts (Research and Graduate Studies)

All are welcome to attend and parking is free. Refreshments will be provided. For more information please contact 306-585-4226.

Past Open Minds Discussions

October 2017: Religion and the Canadian Education System

Mark Anderson, Luther College High School
John Meehan, Campion College
Larry Steeves, Faculty of Education, University of Regina
John Conway, Department of Sociology and Social Studies, University of Regina
Jim Farney, Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Regina

January 2017: American Politics in the Age of Donald Trump
Presenter: Dr. Shadia Drury, Professor Emerita, Department of Politics and International Studies/Department of Philosophy and Classics

December 2016: Cruising the Kula Network: First Results of an Extraordinary Expedition to Papua New
Presenter: Dr. Susanne Kuehling, Department of Anthropology, University of Regina

March 2016: Advocacy: Risky Business for Nonprofit Corporations?

Presenter: Dr. Gloria DeSantis, Department of Justice Studies, University of Regina

January 2016: I'm Not a Feminist But...A Brief History of Canadian Women's Activism
Presenter: Dr. Donica Belisle, Department of History, with Dr. Darlene Juschka, Department of Women's and Gender Studies/Department of Religious Studies and Carmen Robertson, Department of Visual Arts
View event posterPDF(315 KB)

November 2015: Depression in Canada and Around the World: Developing Treatments That Work for Different Cultures
Presenter: Shadi Beshai, Department of Psychology, University of Regina
View event posterPDF (1.11 MB)

October 2015: Justice in Prime Time: Media and Crime Related Public Perceptions
Presenter: Dr. Sarah Britto, Department of Justice Studies, University of Regina
View event posterpdf (1.25 MB)

February 2015: The New Global Security Agenda
Presenter: Dr. Wesley Wark, Professor Emeritus, Monk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto
View the poster (1.16 MB) pdf
Listen to presentationOctober 2014: Keeping an Eye on Things: The Future of Drones in Canada
Dr. Raman Paranjape, Professor, Electronic Systems Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Regina
Cpl. Eldon Hoffman, Coordinator, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Unit in the RCMP "F" Division
Mr. Joe Barnsley, Aviation Lawyer and Partner at Pitblado Law LLP, Winnipeg MB
View event poster (1.1 MB) PDF

January 2014: Running for Life: The Hazards and Benefits of Long-distance running and Other Extreme Pursuits
Dr. Kim Dorsch, Professor, Sport & Exercise Psychology, KHS, University of Regina
Dr. Liz Harrison, Associate Dean, Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Saskatchewan
Stacey Shand, Ultra-marathoner and Ultra-triathlete in Regina

November 2013: The Liberal Arts in the 21st Century: Core Values or Value Added?
Dr. Eldon Soifer, Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Regina
Dr. Jason Childs, Professor, Department of Economics, University of Regina

April 2012: More Healthcare or More Health? Rethinking our Priorities
Dr. Tom McIntosh, Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Regina
Dr. Carrie Bourassa, Professor, Indigenous Health Studies Program, First Nations University of Canada
Dr. Bonnie Jeffery, Professor, Faculty of Social Work, University of Regina

February 2012: Canadian Party Politics After a Harper Majority: Instability, Polarization, or the Status Quo?
Dr. John Conway, Professor & Chair, Department of Sociology & Social Studies, University of Regina
Dr. Jim Farney, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Regina

November 2011: Does Multiculturalism Work for Canada?
Khurrum Awan, Regina lawyer
Dr. Salim Mansu, Department of Political Science, University of Western Ontario

March 2011: Who Governs Native Canada?
Dr. Joyce Green, Department of Political Science, University of Regina
Chief Guy Lonechild, Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations
Dr. Dwight Newman, University of Saskatchewan College of Law